Morgan Portable MAC-09PA-Feather Air Conditioner

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Air conditioning is one of the main necessities of any household in current times thanks to global warming and rising temperature levels. Air conditioning is also necessary to provide office workers with the comfort required for them to be in their maximum productivity. For that reason a multitude of cooling brands have sprouted like mushrooms but only a few are able to make a distinction for themselves in the market and Morgan is one of them.

Cooling You Down – The Morgan Portable Air-Conditioner MAC-96PA has the cooling capacity of 9000 Btu/h. This means you do not have to worry of your air conditioning is not cooling enough. An air conditioning that does not cool you down completely defeats the purpose of its existence right? The Morgan Portable Air-Conditioner MAC-96PA will ensure that the temperature of the room is continuously kept at the level you want it to be.

Say No To Humidity and Noise – The Morgan Portable Air-Conditioner MAC-96PA comes with a large LED display for you to be in constant control of the air conditioner. It comes with 5 different modes – cool, fan, automatic, sleep and max cool – for you to choose from. The fan speed can also be alternated between high and low as well.

Clean Air Condition – The Morgan Portable Air-Conditioner MAC-96PA comes with 2 washable filters, the primary and secondary. This means you can always be sure of the air conditioner being clean and not hoarding dirt in it.

Convenient to Use – The Morgan Portable Air-Conditioner MAC-96PA can be placed anywhere you like. It comes with wheels so that you can easily move it anywhere you want. Furthermore, there is also a window mounting kit so that you can place it on you window if you want. There is a remote control too

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