Millionair Air Vitalizer

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Keeping indoor air safe from ionizing radiation harm
Our wireless networks at home and in our offices, as well as the array of electronic products we use constantly emit a kind of radiation (non-ionizing radiation) that builds up in energy and ends up as ionizing radiation. This means that most of us are living in an environment that has an endless stream of dangerous ionizing radiation running through it. The harmful effects of ionizing radiation is now widely known, thanks to the warning from World Health Organization, indicating cancer to be the result of interaction between a person’s genetic factor and three categories of external agents, namely physical carcinogens which include ionizing radiation; chemical carcinogens; and biological carcinogens. The Millionair Air Vitalizer is to date, the most capable device to counter these three effects, by neutralizing ionizing radiation inside our homes and offices. The device helps to enhance immune systems, promote better blood circulation, improve sleep quality and so much more. The device, which is enhanced with Air Vitamin® , also helps to maintain a slightly alkaline blood pH, which in turn helps keep away chronic diseases.

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