Mentholatum Lano Soft Lip Balm

Product Details

Mentholatum Lano Soft Lip Balm contains lanolin – nature’s finest moisturizing ingredient.

Product features:

• High Purity – Made with Pharmaceutical Grade Lanolin and Lanolin Essence extract through Japan’s cutting edge purification technology.

• Moisturizes – Contains superior natural moisturizing ingredients derived from plant such as Jojoba oil, Argan oil, Sunflower Seed oil and Rosemary Leaf extract to deeply moisturize lips and improve the appearance of fine lines.

• High Protection – Lanolin’s composition closely resembles human skin lipid. It forms a protective barrier on lips to nourish lips and help to protect it from dry, cold and harsh environment.

• Gentle & Soft •

Mild and low irritation

• Free of artificial fragrance and colorant

  1. Ariel
    218 reviews

    Lanolin power

    5 out of 5, reviewed on March 23, 2018

    I’ve touched a freshly shaved sheep’s skin before and could feel the lanolin coating its skin. It has a sticky texture and keeps the sheep warm and skin moisturised after all its hair is gone. So this is the main ingredient in the lip balm, which smells better here and works the same way – my lips are moisturised even hours after application. That’s truly amazing.

    It also contains lots of goodies like jojoba oil and rosemary and sunflower extracts. The price point makes it pretty affordable, too. Great to stash in your handbag on the go!

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