LG Inverter V Air Conditioner

Product Details

Revitalise your body with every breath of crisp, clean air thanks to the LG Inverter V Air Conditioner.
Key Features
  • This premium LG air conditioner has an auto cleaning program that eliminates bacteria, odours, and mould for clean and pure air with little maintenance.
  • The powerful Inverter V air conditioner minimises energy consumption while cooling your home down quickly for exceptionally efficient cooling.
  • Deep Sleep mode on this intelligent air conditioner synchronises temperature settings to night time human metabolism, setting the perfect climate for sleep.
  1. Shafawie32
    3 reviews

    dingin dan sejuk

    5 out of 5, reviewed on January 18, 2018

    amat selesa digunakan dirumah ketika waktu harian

  2. ainie67
    68 reviews

    jimat tenaga elektrik

    5 out of 5, reviewed on December 6, 2017

    LG Inverter V air conditioner ini menjimatkan penggunaan tenaga elektrik dan mudah sejuk selepas memasang air cond ini.LG Inverter V ini juga tahan lama .

  3. Izzana
    37 reviews


    5 out of 5, reviewed on September 20, 2017

    Saya penggunan LG Inverter V air conditioner dan saya sangat- sangat berpuas hati kerana LG inverter V ni sangat menjimatkan pengunaan elektrik di rumah saya selain menjimatkan LG inverter V ni juga menghasilkan udar yang nyaman di bilik saya kerana boleh outo clean..saya dan suami amat berpuas hati dengan LG inverter V air conditioner ini..sangat sejuk bila di pasang tak perlu tunggu lama untuk sejuk..

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