KA’FEN Herbal Extract Shampoo
KA’FEN Herbal Extract Shampoo

KA’FEN Herbal Extract Shampoo

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Are you finding it difficult to get rid of dandruff or greasy scalp? Worry no more! KA’FEN Herbal Extract Shampoo is a “specially designed” shampoo formula for sensitive scalp, winning the herbal scalp care shampoo category.

KA’FEN Herbal Extract Shampoo uses the essence of oriental medicine combined with western structural technology, to strengthen hair roots. By combining the ancient essences of Chinese and Western herbs, this shampoo is gentle on the scalp and will leave you with fine and soft hair.

This herbal scalp care shampoo is ginger-based, and contains coconut oil, ginseng, Chinese herb extracts for scalp health as well as Polygonum Multiflorum. This herb native to China, promotes blood circulation to the scalp by feeding the liver and kidneys, resulting in better hair. It also helps various scalp conditions, and can solve the problem of blocked hair follicles, immediately improving the problem of hair loss.

KA’FEN Herbal Extract Shampoo has 3 options in its herbal series. One is wormwood for fluffy hair, oil control, scalp odor, deep cleansing, strengthening and scalp protection. Peony, to soothe the scalp, improve itchiness, dandruff, and scalp acne as well as stabilise the scalp to prevent these conditions. And finally, Gentian for lightweight color protection, and moisture protection, besides adding shine and deep conditioning for damaged hair.

It is recommended to use all 3 in turn for a more significant effect! This herbal scalp care shampoo is a mild hypoallergenic formula for less irritation to the scalp. This special formula also helps to achieve the oil-water balance of the scalp, and strengthens the hair roots.

KA’FEN Herbal Extract Shampoo has a refreshing forest herbal aroma, with a light mint scent that not only purifies the scalp after washing but also soothes the soul!

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