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Bulletproof coffee is famed among keto dieters. Made from brew coffee + butter + MCT oil + ghee, it will help turn our body fat into ketone energy. However, it results in an oily layer floating on top of your drink, making it undesirable.

Joymix Bulletproof Coffee has solved the above-mentioned problem. Their bulletproof premix is not oily. It does not contain any non-dairy creamer made from glucose syrup and palm oil. Instead, they use pure MCT oil C8 powder that has zero carbohydrates and is low in calories.

JoyMix Bulletproof Coffee is the lowest carbohydrate (2g) bulletproof coffee in the market.


  1. 3x Burn Fat. Use Only MCT C8 + Garcinia Cambogia.
  2. Reduce Hunger Cravings
  3. Increase Metabolism
  4. Help Weight Management
  5. Boost Mental Alertness
  1. chinmin
    6 reviews

    The Best Coffee To Keep Your Calories Low

    5 out of 5, reviewed on April 13, 2023

    Coffee lovers like me are spoilt for choices nowadays. There are so many different brands and variants in the market. But most of it are either too sweet or too creamy which are high in calories.
    I was recommended to try JoyMix Bulletproof Coffee by my friend and was instantly hooked to it. It has just the right amount of the creamy coffee taste and best of all it’s not too sweet.
    I was expecting the coffee to have an oily top layer but JoyMix Bulletproof Coffee doesn’t have that! Joymix managed to solve the problem by using their special premix and you can keep drinking it without worrying about your weight because it’s zero carbohydrates and low calories.

  2. Chen Melody
    6 reviews

    Joymix Bulletproof Coffee recommended for health conscious

    4 out of 5, reviewed on February 25, 2023

    I’m a coffee lover. Everyday need to drink 2 cups to keep me alert when working and but too much coffee causes weight gain as I usually drink mocha in office. I love this Joymix Bulletproof Coffee, it taste nice, aromatic and loves the creamy texture and it not very sweet like the usual 3in1 packets. Best of all, after drink this, I wont feel hungry easily, eat lesser and this is the Lowest Carbohydrate Bulletproof Coffee which assist in my weight loss while keep me alert and focus on my daily task.

  3. Asmahasim71
    4 reviews

    Joymix Bulletproof series

    5 out of 5, reviewed on February 24, 2023

    Joymix Bulletproof series

    Kopi yang terbaik dan sangat sedap.
    Kerana ia dapat mengurangkan berat badan kerana ia membakar lemak dan menyekat selera makan.

    Minum 30mins sebelum makan tengahari atau makan malam untuk mendapatkan kesan yang cepat.

  4. Asmahasim71
    4 reviews

    Joymix Bulletproof Series

    5 out of 5, reviewed on February 24, 2023

    Kopi yang terbaik dan sangat sedap.
    Kerana ia dapat mengurangkan berat badan kerana ia membakar lemak dan menyekat selera makan.

    Minum 30mins sebelum makan tengahari atau makan malam untuk mendapatkan kesan yang cepat.

    #bulletproofcoffee #bulletproofdiet #ketone #keepfit #mealreplacement #malaysiapretty

  5. Maggie MG
    30 reviews

    Another Best Coffee for Coffee Lover

    5 out of 5, reviewed on February 23, 2023

    As a coffee lover, I love to drink strong aromas and creamy coffee but not too sweet. This Bulletproof coffee is not only taste good, creamy and not too sweet, exactly what I love, it’s also helps to burn fat, boost energy, effectively for weight loss and suppress appetite! It is a great coffee that everyone should try.
    Most importantly, this coffee suitable for diabetic patients, which means this is a healthy coffee, love it even more!

  6. cassey wong zerald
    1 reviews

    The Best Coffee I Ever Had In My Life

    5 out of 5, reviewed on February 20, 2023

    The coffee is perfect, not too sweet and it is so creamy from the butter. The coffee aroma is so good and it will make your day wonderful. I feel energetic the whole day because of this coffee. Moreover, this coffee does not make your body feel heaty just like other “coffee brand X” i ever tried.

  7. Nurul Zayana
    40 reviews

    Joymix Bulletproof Coffee So Good

    5 out of 5, reviewed on February 19, 2023

    Joymix Bulletproof Coffee very suitable for coffee lover that want to loss weight at the same time. The calories of in 20g coffee only 67 kcal. The taste was good, not to sweet, aromatic, smooth & fullness. Not only the taste like real coffee bean, its also contain MCT C8 which is bulletproof a beneficial fatty acid with anti-bacterial properties often used as a functional supplement for gut issues, skin conditions and immunity. Also contain Garcinia Cambogia that can help for reduce weight.

  8. Koay Joo Bee
    8 reviews

    Coffee rich in aroma and taste

    5 out of 5, reviewed on February 16, 2023

    The first thing that greeted me when I tore the package of this low carbohydrate beverage premix is the aroma. The taste is nice and rich too and not too sweet. This coffee is high in fiber and keto friendly. Check out the ingredients from the images I shared. They also have chocolate and milk tea variants.

  9. Surfina63
    4 reviews

    Joymix Bulletproof

    5 out of 5, reviewed on February 13, 2023

    I like this kopi. The taste and smells so good. Every morning I take one a cup for boost my energy. So I still keep active to do house core. Beside that, another benefit I get is loss my weight. I really happy. Very recommended for another people who want diet also. ❤️

  10. Mae Lam
    28 reviews


    5 out of 5, reviewed on January 20, 2023

    I recently started incorporating Joymix Bulletproof Coffee Powder into my morning routine and have noticed a significant increase in my metabolism and feeling of satiety throughout the morning. The powder mix incorporates seamlessly with hot water, and I love the added energy boost it gives me. One sachet is all I need to feel full and focused until lunchtime, which is a huge improvement from my previous breakfast choices. It\’s a great alternative to sugary breakfast options and I am glad I gave it a try.

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