JOYMIX Keto Food
JOYMIX Keto Food

JOYMIX Keto Food

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With a mission to provide healthy food products with great taste, JOYMIX has emerged as champions of the ‘Keto Food’ category for their good range of Keto-friendly products. Their latest healthy option is for everyone that loves a hot drink to soothe the tummy – you can choose between JOYMIX Bulletproof coffee, chocolate drink or milk tea if that’s what you prefer!

This keto-friendly beverage range is said to have the lowest carbohydrate content – with only 2g per serving – in a bulletproof premix series. What’s more? It’s yummy and has no added sugar. Joymix’s Keto Food Collection also includes MCT Oil to improve metabolism and Zerro Erythritol which has the similar sweetness to sugar but without the calories. So, if you are a diabetic patient or prone to get high-sugar levels, then this is a great option for you!

On top of that, JOYMIX Bulletproof coffee, chocolate drink and milk tea contains pure MCT oil C8, instead of non-dairy creamers made from glucose syrup and palm oil. C8 is the preferred MCT oil for keto-dieters because of its ability to instantly convert into ketones in the body, which are known to enhance ketosis, boost energy, and burn fat.

Without compromising taste and quality, it’s recommended that you have it 30 minutes before meals to help you reduce your appetite or before exercise. But of course you can have it any time of day!

All available JOYMIX products are certified under the food safety system. For muslim consumers, we ensure that JOYMIX Bulletproof coffee, chocolate drink and milk tea is safe to consume as all products are HALAL CERTIFIED.

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