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In the stage of 6 years old and above, they are changed from a little one, protected by home to a first-grader who now must meet the demands and competition of school life. They are eager, active and like to be on the go. They may also develop strong preferences and refuse to eat some food which may caused malnutrition or undernourished. Therefore, Lactofré 6+ is formulated according to the nutrient requirement for kids above six to support their challenging daily life in school.

The goodness of Lactofré 6+

  • High in PROTEIN & CALCIUM to support children’s growth and development
  • Contain DHA that enhances brain development
  • Contain LUTEIN, antioxidant that protects the eyes from oxidative damage and enhances eye function
  • Provide COMPLETE NUTRIENT for your child’s daily requirement
  • With PROBIOTIC & PREBIOTIC to maintain a good intestinal environment

Suitable for:

6 years old and above

Special Recommended for:

  • Cow’s milk allergy patient
  • Lactose intolerance children
  • Galactosemia
  • Vegetarian


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