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Rabenhorst, an acclaimed German bran, produces only the finest handcrafted juices money can buy, each with specific health benefits. Rabenhorst 11 PLUS 11 is an aromatic combination of 11 fruits and it provides 11 vital nutrients that can help meet your daily requirements in a naturally delicious way. The Prune Drink from Rabenhorst a favourite among those seeking to improve their digestive system. It’s made up of 97% prune extracts traditionally produced using sulphur-free techniques. Rabenhorst Organic Beetroot Juice is a premium quality vegetable juice that is revved up with a dash of organic lemon juice – a glass of this can replace one serving of vegetables in a day. The brand’s Cranberry Juice is made using 100% pure fruit with no sugar added, and it helps to keep the urinary tract in good health. Rabenhorst juices are always made from pure raw ingredients and never from concentrates, and they bring you the best that our bountiful nature has to offer.

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