Harry Water Filter CHP-590N

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Harry’s compact size and contemporary design means it complements your house décor perfectly.

Key Features

Coway Nanotrap™ Filter System

  • This innovative filter has a large surface area and contains Nanofibre (effectively reduces bio-fouling materials such as cell debris, bacteria, viruses, etc) with a patented Electrospun coating (Nano Alumina Fibre 0.01µ). Furthermore, the enhanced performance and high-turbidity elimination process increases the water flow rate.

High Capacity

  • With the high capacity of tank will caters to your whole family’s needs.

Twist-Knob Temperature Dial

  • There are two modes that can control the temperature of water with a simple twist, switch from room temperature to cold instantly.


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    23 reviews

    Convenience for All Situation

    4 out of 5, reviewed on June 28, 2017

    The water filter had 3 level water temperature on hot, room temperature and cold, it easy for all individual whose had rush to work to had breakfast or a housewife to use for cooking nor children to drink cold water in hot evening.
    Also, the easy recognize icon temperature of water for anyone to know.

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