Hai-O Premium Beautiful Hand and Body Lotion

Product Details

Hai-O Premium Beautiful Hand and Body Lotion enriched with pure lavender essential oil to sustain healthy skin. Use this hand and body lotion every day to achieve a smooth and healthy skin. This special hand and body lotion contains vitamin E and vitamin B Complex to help create softer and smoother skin-feel. Notice that your skin feels silky smooth without any greasing feeling after the application. It penetrates enough into the layer of the skin to leave a smooth touch. This lotion also moisturizes rough and dry skin as well as retain the skin’s moisture.

Usage instructions:

Evenly apply Hai-O Premium Beautiful Hand and Body Lotion onto your skin.

  1. eynroslan37
    4 reviews

    Mudah meresap & wangi.

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 6, 2018

    Sejak pertama kali guna lotion ni, saya memang dah jatuh hati. Lotion yang senang meresap bila di sapu dan wangi. Tak ada masalah melekit-lekit tau. Packaging yang berbaloi untuk bajet saya. Best!

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