Faber FCC FORNELLO 2000 Ceramic Cooker

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Product details of Faber FCC FORNELLO 2000 Ceramic Cooker

Want to be able to cook without having to use any gas whatsoever? With the Faber Ceramic Cooker Fornello 2000, you can now cook without any usage of gas which will evidently save you tons of money. The Fornello 2000 is an induction cooker which is capable of cooking your meals through induction heating instead of the conventional infrared radiation from electrical wires or gas flames. This allows for an easier and smoother cooking process with very little mess to clean up. Touch Sensor Control The touch sensor control on the Fornello 2000 allows you to control the temperature of the heat you’re using to cook as well as which side of the cooker to use. This allows for a smoother cooking process without having to turn and twist and knobs. High Temperature Readings With the ability to heat up to 240-degrees, the Fornello 2000 is capable of cooking just about any dish available with ease. You never have to worry if the cooker is hot enough for your meals ever again.

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