Eu Yan Sang Sakura Bird’s Nest

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Discovering the new edition of our collection of Sakura Bird’s Nest. Swirling petals of cherry blossom, blooming on the ground like a sea of pink. Savouring Sakura’s Bird’s Nest fragrant, soft & silky texture. Enhance your luminous and vibrant skin.

How to Use:

Use 1 piece each time, for 2 persons. Steep bird’s nest in warm water for 2 hours or until expanded and texture softened. Place the soaked bird’s nest in a double boiler with 2 bowls (or 400ml) of water and 40g of cane sugar. Double for 11/2 hours with moderate flame.

Keep in cool and dry place. Once opened, keep the unused bird’s nest refrigerated. Individuals allergic to fluid-like protein, e.g. like milk and eggs should avoid this product.


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