Dashing for Men Style Talcum

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Dashing For Men Style Talcum is made of high-quality fine talc that keeps the skin dry and provide long-lasting sensational masculine fragrance and confidence. Suits for masculine men to keep their body energetic with a pleasant smell.

Don’t let body odour control your confidence level! With Dashing For Men Style Talcum, you can be active, stay active and be confident! Be energised and active with this sensational masculine fragrance. Specially created for men, enjoy the sensational strong fragrance that lingers on your body while you’re actively doing activities.

Usage instructions:

Dab some talcum on your neck and body or any selected area to prevent body odour.

  1. Khaliq Khalimi
    61 reviews

    Affordable !

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 11, 2017

    The Dashing Deodorant Talcum Powder comes in a range of fragrances that are labeled as Active, Style and Cool. Each fragrance is meant a distinct type of customer. Active is meant for the sporty type. From my observation, the Active range absorbs ore perspiration than the other fragrances. Style is most suitable for those who put emphasis on fashion. Like it’s name, it gives a stylish, elegant air to the user. Cool is meant for everyday use. It has a simple fragrance that keeps your body smelling fresh for hours and hours. Cool is my favourite fragrance.

    I have been using this product for 8 years now and I found no problems at all with it. It is hypoallergenic, gives a long lasting fragrance and is easily cleaned off in the shower. Unlike other talcum powders, it does not appear as white blotches on the skin when it absorbs perspiration.

  2. Avatar

    378 reviews

    Aroma wangian yang sensitif

    4 out of 5, reviewed on October 20, 2017

    Dengan Dashing For Men Gaya Talcum, suami saya boleh aktif, kekal aktif dan yakin! Bertenaga dan aktif dengan wangian maskulin yang sensasi ini. Dirumus khas untuk lelaki, nikmati aroma wangian yang sensitif yang berbaring di badan suami saya semasa suami saya melakukan aktiviti secara aktif. Kekal aktif bersama Dashing

  3. Avatar

    899 reviews

    Berbau wangi & maskulin

    4 out of 5, reviewed on September 23, 2017

    Suami sy jarang gunakan bedak talkum dashing style ni..baunya mmg agak wangi & berbau maskulin..tapi suami sy lebih sukakan bedak talkum dgn kesan sensasi yg dingin,lebih segar utk digunakan..

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