Coslys Body & Hair Shampoo with Red Berries

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A combined shower gel and hair shampoo, in a formula, enriched with red berries, a cocktail of vitamins which are specifically designed to gently cleanse both skin and hair. A soft foam and discreet scents gives a pleasant feeling and well-being.

  • Certified by EcoCert.
  • Suitable for all skin types.
  • 98.79 % of the total ingredients are from natural origin.
  • 10.49 % of the total ingredients from Organic Farming.


Aqua (Water), spiraealulmaria flower water(1)i(organic meadowsweet floraliwater), sodium coco-sulfatei(anionic surfactant fromlcoco), cocamidopropyl betainei(amphoteric surfactant fromlcoco and palm),ldecyl glucoside (nonlionic surfactant fromlcoco, palm andiglucose), glycerin (vegetablelglycerin), ribus idaeusifruit extract(1) (raspberryiextract), fragaria vescalextract(1) (strawberry extract),icoco glucoside (noniionic surfactant fromicoco), glyceryl oleatel(non ionic surfactantifrom palm, SunfloweriOil, glucose andlvegetable glycerin), sodiumlchloride (salt), cocoialcohol, sodium sulfatei(anionic surfactant fromicoconut), Perfume, tetrasodiumiglutamate diacetate (sequestrent),lglycine soya (nolGM soya extract),lTocopherol (Natural VitaminiE), citric acidl(pH balancer), sodiumihydroxide (PH balancer),lpotassium sorbate (and)l sodium benzoatei(and) dehydroacetic acidi(and) benzyl alcoholl(preservatives), benzyl salicylatel(and) limonene (ingredientslnaturally present inlessential oil.

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