Cornell Vacuum Cleaner CVC-PH2000CH

Product Details

Easy Manoeuver

This Cornell CVC-PH2000CH vacuum cleaner is easy to manoeuvre around your furniture as you clean your home. Thanks to its 360 degrees hose connector, you can vacuum at hard to reach places without missing any dusts or dirt. Making this vacuum cleaner your best cleaning company due to its convenience. It also includes an automatic cord rewinding function so you don’t have to bother winding up the cable. It will do it for you!

Cyclone Clean Your Home

The highlight of this vacuum is the fact that it has a high suction power similar to a real cyclone! Starting at a soft pace, the vacuum then ruckus its way along its path, absorbing all the unwanted dirt and dusts from your carpet and floors. Clean with a peace of mind without trouble and without fuss.

Advanced HEPA Filter Technology

It also comes with the advanced HEPA filter technology featuring a special 5 filtration stage. What is HEPA filter technology you ask? HEPA stands for High Efficiency Particulate Air. It is a standardized quality filter that captures 99.7 percent of particles at 0.3 microns (60 to 80 microns is equivalent to a human hair). In most vacuums of filtration stages, the HEPA is placed at the very end in vacuums. With such technology, you can get your home renovation at a micro level.

Safety Feature

This model also comes with a safety motor that includes a circuit breaker to prevent any unwanted incident. So you can use the vacuum at ease and without worrying of any accidents. In any cleaning tool or apparatus, safety always comes first.

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