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It is important to have a coat of revitalizer after a nice bath, to keep the softness and the shines of your pet’s fur. Fur revitalizer is use to protect the fur from the harsh blowing and drying and excessing combing, which will harm the softness texture of the fur. Many will eventually finds that even with the best conditioner, after the hard blow dry, it is hard to get a perfect result of fur shines. Fur Revitalizer, protect, soften and shines the fur. A must have for a beautiful fur management….the secret is here.

Non Oil Based
Having the main goal of non-sticky after use effect, CLUVE FR is a fur revitalizer that shine your pet’s fur after each application without leaving a greasy feeling. We understand that an oily – sticky leave on conditioner, will gather and compile on dust, as our little furry friend just can’t sit still, the main design objective of CLUVE FR is to keep the fur, striking shine, brings out the color, and most importantly, non – greasy.

Product Benefits:

1. Reduce drying time by 30%

2. Keeps fur easy to manage and reduce tangle

3. Colors Shine system – brings the colors out

4. Natural fragrance – more suitable for pets

5. Non greasy formula – less dust compilation

6. Suitable for Dry and Wet condition fur use.

Spray 3 times to your palm, and apply evenly to your dog fur, avoiding the eyes, then blow dry and notice the magic.

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