BrainCarve – Whole Brain Development Program

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BrainCarve is a research-based Organization focusing on the brain development of children between the age of 5 to 16 years. BrainCarve is one of the premier companies that have made a paradigm shift in brain development than any medicine or education could accomplish. BrainCarve has come up with 6 techniques combining Vedic knowledge, memory, mathematics, creativity, etc., all intended to change the way a child thinks or acts. New English program has been introduced to improve student’s reading, writing and speaking skills by leveraging fun learning approach.

“A Smart Brain is not God gifted, it is a Result of Good Training in the initial stages of Life”

Keeping in view of the above, BrainCarve has started with the strong inclination to promote the unique multiple intelligence program to benefit the children in their early stages, such that their contribution to the overall growth will be remarkable. Braincarve was established in early 2000 and have a strong presence in Asia and Middle East.

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