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Fasting is the key which unlocks Mother Nature’s storehouse of energy. It reaches every cell in the body, the inner organs and generates the Life Forces. No one can do it for you! It’s a personal duty that only you can perform. No one can eat for you. And I believe that 99% of all human suffering is caused by wrong and unnatural eating. The efficiency of any machine depends upon the quality and amount of fuel for generating power it is given. And that goes double for the human machine!

Some people will blame everything on earth except food as the cause of their physical miseries and premature ageing. Why they are suffering is always a mystery to them. The average person does not know how horribly unclean the inside of their body is, caused by years and years of overeating, eating when not really hungry and, in many cases, wrong-minded eating of dead, devitalized foods. All these unhealthy habits build up internal poisons and clogging toxic wastes in their bodies.

Put the person who brags that he “enjoys perfect health” on a complete distilled water fast for 5 or 6 days. His breath will become putrid and his tongue will have a foul-smelling, white coating. His urine will become dark and evil-smelling. This definitely proves that his whole body is filled up with decayed and uneliminated toxic materials brought in by eating the wrong foods.

The continual accumulation of increasingly foul body poison is the buried or latent unknown ailment. When Mother Nature wants to get rid of this ailment by a “crisis” commonly known as sickness, people look for an easy “quick fix” to get rid of their troubles. They usually ignore the miraculous one Mother Nature has given us which has no dangerous side effects: FASTING!

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