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Bragg Originates Spine Motion Exercises

In order to alleviate back problems that arise from structural spine problems, my father Paul C. Bragg originated the Spine Motion Exercises given in this book. These exercises were introduced over 70 years ago. Public and press reception were so enthusiastic that claims made by those who used these exercises sounded extravagant. Only a small part of the amazing results reported would have to be true to establish the principle of Spine Motion as the valuable force that it is. As remarkable as the results attained by you and others following these Spine Motion Exercises may be, we do not want anyone to regard this as evidence that these exercises can supplant all other health measures. They cannot, nor are they intended to do so. You must follow a well-rounded healthy lifestyle program, including proper nutrition, adequate rest and other forms of exercise, all of which we will discuss in this book. Spine Motion Exercises are also not to be considered a cure for any condition, illness or disease. In fact, nature has no cures, in the generally accepted sense of the word. The human body is self-healing and self-repairing when we work with Nature, not against her. If we feel sick and miserable, we have brought this condition upon ourselves by failing to obey natural laws.

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