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Trending Baby Names in 2019

Trending baby names in 2019

Congratulations! If you’re reading this article, chances are, you or someone you care about is expecting a baby. Choosing baby names is one of the most important tasks to do, regardless of what Shakespeare may say (“A rose by any other name would smell as sweet”).

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By any other name, it would smell as sweet, but, by the same name, would it matter which rose you chose? Do the petals blush the same? Perhaps one pricks you to remind you that you’re alive and real. Perhaps one keeps its thorns out just to keep you at bay. With all the other flowers in the garden, why choose between a rose and a rose anyway? . . . . . . . #litlife #bookworm #poet #poetry #poetsofinstagram #writers #writing #writersofinstagram #rosebyanothername #rosebyanyname #decisions #crossroads #destiny #serendipity #whatliesbeneath #passion

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Names matter a lot. They reveal a lot about you and your family, your family’s values, hopes and dreams for you, and much more. They can help you blend with the community or stand out, which may be a good or bad thing.

Names Do Follow Trends

You’ll notice that names become popular at one time or the other. Parents can be inspired by an actor or character, or iconic figures at the same time i.e., Logan of Wolverine or Blake after Blake Lively of Gossip Girl. Some parents are more adventurous, most notably those who gave the name ABCDE (pronounced as “ab-see-dee”) or Asia after Air Asia to their kids.

The problem with unorthodox trendy names is they tend to be hyped up and then disappear. So, whether you’d like to follow trends or shy away from it in favour of more timeless options, it’s good to know the names that are currently hip in 2019.


– Ariana
– Hailey
– Justin
– Kylie
– Ryan


– Aria (Game Of Thrones)
– Eve (Killing Eve)
– Arthur (Aquaman)
– Oliver (Green Arrow)
– Clark (Superman)
– T’Chella (Black Panther)
– Okoye (Black Panther)
– Shuri (Black Panther)


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– Harry
– Meghan
– Louis
– Charlotte
– George
– Catherine

Soothing Colours:

– Sage
– Olive
– Mauve
– Fawn

Gender Neutral Names:

– Robin
– Finley
– Justice
– Revel
– Royal
– Campbell
– Briar

Trending Unorthodox Names:

– Madison
– Striker
– Chaos
– Titan
– Danger
– Hunter

First letter ‘F’:

– Florian
– Frost
– Finnian
– Fern
– Faye

Last letter ‘W’:

– Harlow
– Willow
– Winslow
– Arrow

Closer to home, here are some hot favourites.

Current events:

– Tun (now limited to those with Tun lineage)
– Mahathir
– Nurul


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– Malaysia
– Merdeka
– Sabah
– Johor
– Perak
– Melaka

Baby name trivia that Malaysian parents should know:

Longest name: Princess Aura Nurr Ermily Amara Auliya Bidadari Nawal El Zendra Mohd Sufian (12 words, 64 characters)

Limitations: Names not more than 80 letters (don’t make it hard for them to fill out forms that may not be able to contain their full names!)

How long do you have to register: 60 days after birth or face an RM1,000 fine.

For more tips on how to pick your baby name, visit these links:

It’s Time To Give Baby A Name!

For some parents, the moment they start thinking of baby names is when they get a positive result on the Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test with Conception Indicator. By then, it’s pretty safe to say that a baby is definitely on the way as the Clearblue pregnancy test not only gives accurate results but also shows how many weeks you are pregnant. For others, they may choose to wait until they find out the gender of the baby. Nevertheless, with all the helpful tips above, you’ll be bound to choose the most suitable and perfect name for your baby. We wish you all the best in the exciting journey to parenthood ahead!


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