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Top 100 Best Malay Names For Baby Girls

Choosing a name for your new baby can be a challenging process. Do you want a name that’s old and traditional? Or perhaps a more modern name that sounds cool and edgy? Or maybe you just want something completely unique and out of this world?

In any case, it’s important to think carefully before choosing a name. If you’re not sure what to pick, it might help to look at some of the meanings behind the names as well as how easy they are to spell or pronounce.

Typical Malay names don’t use the family name. Instead, they will have a patronym such as ‘bin’ or ‘binti’, which means ‘son of’ or ‘daughter of’, followed by the father’s name.

A number of Malays also use a second name – a practice known as Addenda. Such names include examples such as Muhammad, Mat, Abdul, and Ahmed for boys or Noor and Siti for girls.

To help you choose the best name possible for your child, we’ve put together a list of the top 100 Malay boy names as well as a list of the top 100 Malay girl names.

Name Meaning
Aafiyat Health, freedom from illness.
Aarifa One endowed with great knowledge.
Aatiya Giver.
Aayizah Replacement
Abaasa Lioness
Adiputeri First daughter or princess
Aeni Original, pure, and true
Afeen Forgiveness or one of a forgiving nature.
Ajaar Reward
Amaal Hopes and expectations.
Anoud Brave, strong and courageous.
Arwaa Softness, lightness
Azarnoush Right in faith
Bunga Flower
Cahaya Light or radiance.
Cempaka Frangipani flower
Cik Malaya word for Miss.
Cucu A grandchild
Delima Ruby or pomegranate
Dhia Splendor or glow.
Dinihari Dawn
Esah Alive
Hapsah Gathering
Haryati Malay word for desire.
Ibhar Open like the ocean
Ibrat Wisdom to learn from experience.
Ibtisama Smile
Ihkam Excellence, or mastery,
Imen Faith or belief
Indeela Like a nightingale.
Izz This name symbolizes honor, glory and power.
Izzati Respect, honor, prestige.
Jazaa Recompense, reward for good deeds.
Jenab Malay form of Zaynab, meaning a father’s precious jewel.
Joyah Malay form of Zoya, meaning life.
Kasih Love
Kembang Flower, or blossom
Khatijah A name generally given to premature child.
Kuntum Flower bud
Latipah One who is gentle and kind.
Maarib End goals
Mabrura A pious girl or woman who is accepted by Allah.
Maeen Spring of water
Maeena One who takes care of others.
Mahia Life and earth
Mahsuri The great queen
Mannal Attainment, or achievement
Marjia Desired, desirable, wished for
Masayu Gold or golden.
Mawiza Guidance, admonition, word of encouragement.
Mayang Palm blossom
Melur Jasmine flower
Mubaraka Blessed, sacred, and blissful.
Mubdia One who is smart, creative and innovative.
Muminah Feminine believer
Munah One who is favored by destiny.
Nazra Glow and happiness of a person’s face.
Puspawati Female flower
Puteri Daughter or princess
Qiraat Recitation of the Quran.
Rabihaat Winners, acquirers
Rabihah Winner, achiever.
Rabwah Highland or hilly area.
Raqeema One who is intelligent and perceptive
Rosemah One who is as beautiful as a rose.
Rufqa Something that gives benefit.
Sajaf Veil or cover.
Sajjal Nice, fine, beautiful, well-arranged
Samyan Singular, unique, incomparable,
Sanabel Plant ears, plant spikes, ears of wheat.
Seniya One who is praiseworthy
Shanzey Diamond
Sibgha Color or dye.
Sidratul Cedar of the farthest point.
Sonbol Ear of wheat, ear of corn.
Soroushi Happiness
Suleika A variant of Zuleika. It was the name of wife of the king of Egypt.
Suriani Sun
Suriawati Female sun
Surintan Queen or diamond
Taqdees Pure, sanctity and holiness.
Tasmia To mention the name of Allah.
Tembam One who is chubby and plump.
Tempawan Malay word for forge or weld.
Teratai Lotus, water lily
Tijah Malay form of Khadija, meaning premature child.
Tipah One who is gentle and kind. A form of Latipha.
Twaf Circumlocution
Uswah Brightness, or ray
Wadida One who is loving, and affectionate.
Waleeya Supporter, caretaker, companion.
Wardda Rose flower.
Wasfia Worthy of praise
Wasiya One who is gracious, patient, and powerful.
Wathiqa Certain, sure, confident
Wisama Beauty, attractiveness.
Zaheera Plant that has flowered.
Zaituna Olive tree
Zamira Lean, and fit
Zulla Shade, especially the shade of trees.

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