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Relaxation Within The City

Poise Organic Wellness Spa

By Ariel Chew

Nestled within the bustling Old Klang Road and just a short drive away from Pearl Point Shopping Mall and Mid Valley Megamall, Poise Organic Wellness Studio is a relaxing spot to head to after a hectic work day or shopping spree. Operating for the past six years, Poise Organic Wellness Studio makes its home in a charming bungalow that oozes with character and tranquility.

Poise Organic Wellness Studio oozes with Balinese charm

Inspired by all things Balinese, the spa is surrounded by lush greenery as well as lovely ornaments and furnishings made of natural materials. The quaint fountain exudes a soothing ambiance of running water to calm and prepare harried guests as they wait for their pampering session. The melodious music that permeates the spa also added a nice touch.

The charming fountain

Upon entry, I was greeted by the lovely and friendly staff and led to the cosy waiting area where I was given a Pandan welcome drink. I was also treated to a Floral sea salt foot soak (15 mins) while I waited.

Poise - cosy waiting area

The cosy waiting area


The lovely foot soak

I was booked for the Rosella Spa Treatment (worth RM317+). According to Poise Organic Wellness Studio, Rosella has great anti-aging properties, something which we ladies can’t have too much of!

It is said that Rosella is also known as the ‘botox plant’ – so powerful is its anti-aging and antioxidant properties. This is due to its naturally high mucilage (sticky substance) content that acts as a great skin moisturiser, even for sensitive skin. The more moisture the skin retains, the more youthful one would look. Upon reading this, I can hardly wait to start on this amazing treatment!

Before I was led to the comfortable room where I was to have my spa treatment, I was asked which essential oil I preferred. I was torn between relaxation and slimming, and ended up choosing slimming because, well, why not? It’s always a glorious thought to be burning fat while being pampered! I was provided with a disposable underwear and ‘shower cap’ to prepare for the treatment.

The comfortable and relaxing spa room.

The Amazing Rosella Spa Treatment

For the next 60 minutes, I was in bliss under the capable and strong hands of my masseur who gave new meaning to full body massage. She asked if the pressure was alright to which I grunted “Yes!” in utmost glee. Her strokes were firm and thorough and going along the lines of the Balinese deep tissue massage. It was just so good, I wished it could be longer. Perhaps 90 minutes would be ideal.

After the massage comes the Rosella Body Scrub & Wrap where I was carefully slathered with crushed boiled (and cooled) Rosella flower petals which was mixed with crushed rice flour and left to soak in all their goodness for half an hour. The body scrub is mixed in-house using natural ingredients and polishes the skin in a gentle way while moisturising the body. It was wet, sticky and smelled very pleasant. Again I felt so relaxed and dozed off thinking of happy flowery thoughts.

The treatment concluded with the washing off of the body scrub under the Rain Shower (15 minutes) and a warm soothing Signature Ginger Tea. After the shower, I combed my hair at the dressing table located in front of my room where combs and a hair dryer are provided.

The dressing area

The result? I felt so refreshed and my skin was nicely moisturised, supple and glowing. It’s such a wonderful treat and I highly recommend it!

As I relaxed and chatted with the nice staff, I learned that they had rooms meant for couples and even groups. You can have a romantic spa outing with your partner in the couples room that comes with a jacuzzi and hydrobath. Hen parties or bridal showers are also possible on the third floor and finger food can be provided upon request.

Poise Organic Wellness Studio

Poise Organic Wellness Studio in the evening.


The hydrobath in the couples’ room

Poise Organic Wellness Studio also offers massages for babies and pregnant ladies (from 4 months of pregnancy onwards). Unfortunately, solo men are not allowed – you would have to come with your partners. Home visits are also offered.

Undeniably, Poise Organic Wellness Studio is a calm oasis in the city dedicated to relax the body, soul and mind.

For more information and to make bookings, check out the contact details below or go to http://www.poiseows.com/.

Poise Organic Wellness Studio  Contact Details:

Address :
205, Jalan Sepadu,
Taman United,
Off Jalan Klang Lama,
58200, Kuala Lumpur.

Telephone Number :
Main lines: +603.7980.8890

Email Address :

Business hours: 10.00am to 10.00pm daily.


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