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At Poise Organic Wellness Studio, your wellbeing is in good hands. Enjoy an array of services, such as spa treatments, massages and snack bar. Their carefully handpicked staff will expertly restore your equilibrium and rejuvenate your senses.


For centuries, fresh fruits and natural plant extracts have been used to remedy inflamed skin and clean the body from inside out. Taking the same practice from ancient times and redesigning it with modern technology, Poise Organic Wellness Studio infused the goodness of nature with its certified organic skin and body care products to give you a sensual and tranquil escape back to youth.

Rest assured that you can spend the entire day and feel miles away in their 3-storey studio with a cozy jacuzzi, steambath, sauna, nails station and full mirrored dance studio along with their treatment rooms.

For more information, go to www.poiseows.com.

  1. Wawa Ateefa
    2 reviews


    5 out of 5, reviewed on October 6, 2018

    Saya suka membuat facial di herbaline kerana layanan staff yg sangat bagus. Sebelum mula facial, customer akan diberikan teh yg menyegarkan dan mencuci kaki menggunakan garam kasar. Selain itu fish treatment juga ada. Selepas facial saya rasa muka sangat bersih dan fresh

  2. Avatar

    13 reviews

    Relax and comfortable

    5 out of 5, reviewed on May 3, 2018

    Having my PreNatal massage at Old Klang Road branch..is very relaxing and massuer is nice..my hub and I enjoy the moment here..

  3. Nor Othman
    1346 reviews


    4 out of 5, reviewed on September 19, 2017

    In summary, i love the massage here. the place was clean, the masseuse was great. When I called to make my appointment at Old Klang Road branch, the lady who pick up the phone was really unfriendly…to be honest her tone was a bit rude. I just let it passed the first time, but again, when i called to make my 2nd appointment, her tone was a bit rude…seemed like she was annoyed because I called?? At the end of conversation, she just hang up, without even said bye or thank you. I was the one who said thank you and tried to be nice. Felt like calling an enforcement office instead of calling a spa.
    I think, my 2nd appointment would be the last one, as there are many more clean, beautiful spas in KL which provide good massage, affordable price and POLITE front desk staff

  4. Avatar

    526 reviews

    An oasis within the hustle and bustle of KL city

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 3, 2017

    My journey started towards driving to Poise Wellness Spa Old Klang Road at 1.30PM in the afternoon admist drizzling weather. My boyfriend took the wheel to navigate to the place from Petaling Jaya all the way to the spa. My appointment was to be at 2PM, but with the rainy weather and high volume of traffic, I thought to myself that I could not have made it in time. Thankfully, I was only 5 minutes late to my appointment and the management was very kind not to have deducted or compromised my spa session.

    Having seen it from previous reviews and the photos that came with it, it was not difficult to locate the place at one glance. The spa is situated in a row of terrace shop-lot houses, with the neighbouring houses occupied by what seemed to be a run-down pet store. We parked my car into the premise and went straight in. I was asked to fill in a form before the staff guided me into the next room to begin my rosella petal sea salt foot soak in lukewarm water. Matched with the spa\’s inspiring, yet cosy setting, the atmospheare closely mimicked of that at a real Balinese spa. I was sitted in a spacious rattan chair while indulging my feet into the soak. Beside me, laid a \’Spa Menu\’, where I was able to browse through an array of their extensive services offered, catered to the different needs of everyone. Among the ones that caught my eye was the Jicama \’Sengkuang\’ Spa Treatment and the Sweet Orange Revitalising Spa Treatment.

    However, I am lucky to have received a handpicked treatment from Poise Spa themselves; – and that\’s the Rosella Spa Treatment. After a 10-minute foot soak, one of the attendants, Kak Liyah – towelled off my feet and guided me upstairs where all the treatment rooms were located. The room I went in was albeit dull, however, the condition of the room was kept to a minimal and did not clutter the feeling of \’zen\’ in the atmosphere. Kak Liyah provided me with a pair of disposable underwear and shower cap prior to the treatment in which I obediently obeyed to change out from my clothes. After that, my treatment started. Laying facing back, she warmed her hands with some sunflower oil and started from the bottom of my feet first. She used every ounce of energy and might to deliver maximum results to my sore feet. She moved on to my calves , then carefully yet gradually using more miight into massaging the \’\’stiffer\’ areas of my body like my buttocks, back, shoulders, and lastly my scalp.

    Kak Liyah was really skillful with her hands. She forced just enough pressure onto the parts of my body that had stiff muscles and she knew exactly how to execute the motions and pressure to suite each individual body part. I really enjoyed hearing her give me thoughtful insights about taking careful precautions when it comes to being a woman as our bodies were sensitive and delicate, she notes. Speaking to her calmed my senses because she made an impression that she was friendly and approachable. After a few more minutes of massaging on my back area, Kak Liyah flipped me over where she started massaging my feet and toes, all the way up to my body and neck regions. This time, I could smell the lovely scent of peppermint oil and immediately knew that she was using a different body oil on my skin. The whole experience was powerful, intense and lovely as I had never had a full-body massage before.

    For the last treatment, Kak Liyah brought out her home-made Rosella scrub, which comprises of crushed rice and fresh Rosella flowers. She noted that all the scrubs were made-to-order to ensure freshness, quality and effectiveness for customers. I liked that the texture of the scrub was not too rough on the skin and that the scent of Rosella was not too pungent as well. Kak Liyah carefully placed the scrub all over my body, wrapped me up and placed a towel over me. I was told to let the scrub seep into my skin for maximum results and could shower after 30 minutes.

    True enough, after 30 minutes, Kak Liyah \’unfolded\’ me and directed me into the shower where a heater, shampoo, shower gel, comb and towel were all provided. I felt so homely and treated myself to a warm shower from the already luxurious spa session. Kak Liyah advised not to rush and even jokingly said that I could take as long as I wanted in the shower. Her hospitable approach surely made my trip all the more memorable.

    After towelling off and slipped into my clothes, I went downstairs where a cup of warm ginger tea was already waiting for my arrival. Kak Liyah and the other employees were smiling all the time which made my experience at Poise Organic Wellness Spa really enjoyable and relaxing. I was really shocked to see how skilled and experienced the staff were. They even know how to detect when you are feeling stressed out or constantly sleeping late from the stiffness of your muscles. Simply amazing.

    Overall, my rating for this spa would be 5/5 as this is by far one of the many spa\’s that I will return to in the future for their extensive, yet comprehensive spa treatments offered to cater to all guests needs.

  5. Avatar

    55 reviews

    Bali.... right in the city center

    4 out of 5, reviewed on July 5, 2017

    Poise Organic Wellness Spa is located conveniently off Old Klang Road in Taman United, KL. Finding the place was a breeze using Google Maps or Waze. I went at night as that was the only time I could get a babysitter (my husband) for the kids so I could go experience a spa for the first time. I have had massages before but never a full spa experience.

    Arriving there, I really liked how cosy the place was. The massage chairs for the foot massage area looked really plushy and comfy. Without much fuss, I was greeted and immediately a floral sea salt foot scrub was prepared where I could rest my achy, tired feet. I also had a very nice cup of tea while I browsed at their Spa Menu.

    Wow, so many choices. It is a good thing I did not have to choose, if not I would take forever! There is their Poise Signature In-House Full Body Massage with sunflower & coconut oil plus a choice of essential oil (which I let the masseuse choose for me), Hot Stone Massage, Pre-natal, Post-natal, Herbal Ball Massage, Geriatric Massage, Aloe Vera Massage, Infant Massage, Abdominal Massage, Breast Firming Massage, Body Scrubs, Bottoms Up Treatment (for your tushy), Bust Treatment Package, and a whole list of Comprehensive Retreat Packages to choose from that included Sauna\’s and baths as well. Talk about spoilt for choice!

    After my foot soak, I was taken upstairs to my massage room which was cosy and it really made me feel like I left KL and am in Bali. I enjoyed the Balinese massage very much. My masseuse may be a petite lady but boy does she do a good job at getting into all my sore spots. Balinese massage uses pressure to really dig deep into your sore muscles. She used not just her fingers and knuckles but also her arms and elbow. She felt the tightness of my muscles and knew immediately to add ginger as my essential oil for indigestion, to reduce inflammation and muscle pain. The massage ended with facial massage and scalp massage. I could feel my whole body relaxed and totally ready to fall asleep in her expert hands.

    She also placed an Aromatherapy Eye Pillow on my eyes with Peppermint Oil during the massage which I really liked.

    Next was the Rossy Rose Scrub for whitening, hydrating and its antioxidant properties and wrap. I have to admit that this scrub totally woke me up. I am the type who showers in hot water and would rather be in a sauna than in a cold room. Being scrubbed down was a cold shock to me eventhough the scrub smelled really good…I thought it was oatmeal but she told me it is broken rice with home made dried rose petals. I have to admit I shivered throughout the scrub eventhough the fan and aircon was already turned off. Then she wrapped me up and asked me if I wanted the aircon turned back on which I thankfully declined. The wrap was warm and really really pleasant. I really did not want to get out of it but all good things must come to an end.

    I went to shower and blissfully showered in hot water. They provided shower gel and shampoo too! They also have a table with a hair dryer for you to dry your wet locks.

    I headed back downstairs to find a warm cup of ginger tea waiting for me. Bliss….. As I sat there, I really wished I could\\\\\\\’ve taken better pictures as the lighting was so dim…perfect setting for a relaxing evening but really not good for pictures at all!

    Going home, I really felt my skin tingle and my skin is so much softer after the scrub. Getting into the car, my husband commented that I smell really nice.

    I definitely recommend this place because it is awesome and the prices are very reasonable. The only reason why I give a 4-star rating is because I was cold during the scrub (most likely I am the only one feeling this way because I am so afraid of the cold). Would I go again? YES! But not for the scrub…. because I really cannot stand being even a tinsy bit cold.

  6. Ariel
    216 reviews

    Relaxation Within The City

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 2, 2017

    Nestled within the bustling Old Klang Road and just a short drive away from Pearl Point Shopping Mall and Mid Valley Megamall, Poise Organic Wellness Studio is a relaxing spot to head to after a hectic work day or shopping spree. Operating for the past six years, Poise Organic Wellness Studio makes its home in a charming bungalow that oozes with character and tranquility.

    Inspired by all things Balinese, the spa is surrounded by lush greenery as well as lovely ornaments and furnishings made of natural materials. The quaint fountain exudes a soothing ambiance of running water to calm and prepare harried guests as they wait for their pampering session. The melodious music that permeates the spa also added a nice touch.

    Upon entry, I was greeted by the lovely and friendly staff and led to the cosy waiting area where I was given a Pandan welcome drink. I was also treated to a Floral sea salt foot soak (15 mins) while I waited.

    I was booked for the Rosella Spa Treatment (worth RM317+). According to Poise Organic Wellness Studio, Rosella has great anti-aging properties, something which we ladies can’t have too much of!

    It is said that Rosella is also known as the ‘botox plant’ – so powerful is its anti-aging and antioxidant properties. This is due to its naturally high mucilage (sticky substance) content that acts as a great skin moisturiser, even for sensitive skin. The more moisture the skin retains, the more youthful one would look. Upon reading this, I can hardly wait to start on this amazing treatment!

    Before I was led to the comfortable room where I was to have my spa treatment, I was asked which essential oil I preferred. I was torn between relaxation and slimming, and ended up choosing slimming because, well, why not? It’s always a glorious thought to be burning fat while being pampered! I was provided with a disposable underwear and ‘shower cap’ to prepare for the treatment.

    The Amazing Rosella Spa Treatment:

    For the next 60 minutes, I was in bliss under the capable and strong hands of my masseur who gave new meaning to full body massage. She asked if the pressure was alright to which I grunted “Yes!” in utmost glee. Her strokes were firm and thorough and going along the lines of the Balinese deep tissue massage. It was just so good, I wished it could be longer. Perhaps 90 minutes would be ideal.

    After the massage comes the Rosella Body Scrub & Wrap where I was carefully slathered with crushed boiled (and cooled) Rosella flower petals which was mixed with crushed rice flour and left to soak in all their goodness for half an hour. The body scrub is mixed in-house using natural ingredients and polishes the skin in a gentle way while moisturising the body. It was wet, sticky and smelled very pleasant. Again I felt so relaxed and dozed off thinking of happy flowery thoughts.

    The treatment concluded with the washing off of the body scrub under the Rain Shower (15 minutes) and a warm soothing Signature Ginger Tea. After the shower, I combed my hair at the dressing table located in front of my room where combs and a hair dryer are provided.

    The result? I felt so refreshed and my skin was nicely moisturised, supple and glowing. It’s such a wonderful treat and I highly recommend it!

    As I relaxed and chatted with the nice staff, I learned that they had rooms meant for couples and even groups. You can have a romantic spa outing with your partner in the couples room that comes with a jacuzzi and hydrobath. Hen parties or bridal showers are also possible on the third floor and finger food can be provided upon request.

    Poise Organic Wellness Studio also offers massages for babies and pregnant ladies (from 4 months of pregnancy onwards). Unfortunately, solo men are not allowed – you would have to come with your partners. Home visits are also offered.

    Undeniably, Poise Organic Wellness Studio is a calm oasis in the city dedicated to relax the body, soul and mind.

    For more information, check out the contact details below or go to http://www.poiseows.com/.

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