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Getting Away From It All

When was the last time you spent a night in the great outdoors?

Here in Malaysia, we are blessed with a beautiful natural environment, ranging from lush jungles to crystal clear beaches. But how often do we take the chance to relax and enjoy our amazing country?

Whether you’re planning to bring the kids out on a family trip or arranging a solo vacation to relax and unwind, camping is one of the most economical options for a budget vacations. In a world that’s increasingly filled with gadgets and gizmos, camping outdoors gives you a chance to spend quality time with your loved ones without having to worry about the usual distractions.

But how do you make sure your trip is a memorable success rather than a forgettable failure?

  1. Plan Ahead

    Make sure to scout out the prospective camping area beforehand. Even if you can’t go yourself, check for online reviews or anecdotes from people who’ve been there before. Make sure to look through any rules or guidelines for the camping ground you choose. Some places may require you to reserve a spot beforehand, while others are more relaxed about who’s allowed in.

  1. Pack Everything You Need

The last thing anyone wants is drive all the way to the camping grounds only to realize that they forgot to pack any change of clothes. Make a check-list of things you need and double check that you haven’t forgotten anything before leaving home.

  1. Prepare for the Worst

Sometimes, things don’t go according to plan. Perhaps heavy rain forces everyone to stay inside, or one of the tents collapses because it wasn’t set up properly, or even – god forbid – someone gets hurt.

Fortunately, you can always plan ahead. Bring some indoor games or books to entertain the kids so that they won’t get too stir crazy, some extra tent pegs or duct tape to fix the tent if it breaks, and always bring a first-aid kit even if you think that you won’t need it.

  1. Play Responsibly

Almost all campsites have rules against littering, so make sure to bring along a large plastic bag for your trash instead of just throwing it on the ground. Leave the campsite in the same condition that you found it in and don’t try to bring home any wild plants or animals – they belong in the wild!

Things to bring on your camping trip:

BUGZ SPORT Portable & Water resistant Sleeping Bag
Made for the outdoors, this versatile sleeping bag also comes with a loose and tight setting for wind and temperature control when the night whistles a cold frightening tune. The sleeping bags are lightweight and water-resistant, making it very suitable for backpacking, camping, hiking, or overnight stays. It made of resilient and quick-drying polyester and it may be opened up and used as a blanket or mattress, with loose and tight setting for wind and temperature control

RCL CT 386 Camping Tent
RCL’s camping tent is the perfect camping companion. Remain sheltered with this polyester, waterproofed tent. Setting up the tent is swift and easy, giving you plenty more time to enjoy yourself out in the wild. The glass fibre frame is sturdy, and durable, with locks in place to keep the tent in its place, so you don’t have to worry about it toppling over or suddenly falling on you while you’re asleep. The tent is properly vented so that you won’t suffocate during the night. Whether it’s a night out in the wild or a night in the backyard, the RCL tent is the best companion for you.


Watsons Mosquito Repellent Patch
Nobody likes dealing with mosquitoes buzzing around. The insects are not only irritating but also dangerous as they can spread nasty diseases like dengue and malaria. Protect yourself and your loved ones with Watsons Mosquito Repellent Patch today!

OEM Local Lion Water Resistant Traveling Backpack
Planning for a weekend getaway from the city jungle? Diving into the lush greenery trail and wide blue ocean for some relaxing time? Then pack all your gears into the Local Lion Water Resistant Traveling Backpack 35L Deep Green. Its duffle style cavernous space can suck in your travel clothes, smartphone, camera and even laptop! So snap your quickie holiday with this backpack now. This bag is dedicated to keep you connected…even during your wild jungle adventure!The Local Lion Water Resistant Traveling Backpack 35L Deep Green is designed with your active lifestyle in mind. Made of high quality material, the cool fabric will hurdle any tear or slash on its track without ripping any further damage.

Lifine 6 LED Collapsible Solar Camping Lantern
6 LED Collapsible Solar Camping Lantern is a necessity for anyone going camping. Featured with ultra bright 6 LED light for operation life up to 100,000 hours, this Collapsible Ultra Bright Solar Camping Lantern is low consumption and power-saving. With a hook, you can easily hang it in the tent. Altogether, with this 6 LED Solar Camping Lantern, you can do outdoor activities at any time with security guaranteed, and you will not be afraid of the darkness in the forest. Don’t miss this precious opportunity, this Solar Camping Lantern Light is your right choice!

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