Watsons Mosquito Repellent Patch

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Stick the patch onto the desired place. Use on different areas at the same time for greater protection. Do not apply the patch on wool, silk, and leather fabrics. When over-heated, the patch may leave behind glue stains, which can be removed using alcohol.


Citronella Oil, Spearmint Oil, Lemongrass Oil

  1. Avatar

    1004 reviews

    Cheaper than others

    4 out of 5, reviewed on August 11, 2017

    I bought this Watsons Mosquito Repellent Patch because the price is cheaper than others.
    The result is good! valuable for money!

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    56 reviews

    Strong scent, keeps mossies away

    4 out of 5, reviewed on August 3, 2017

    Very strong scented and definitely keeps mossies away! I prefer using this than other expensive brands because it definitely works. But the smell can get really overpowering which is not too good with my younger kid because she has sensitive nose. Whenever I put the patch on her, her nose will start running. However, it works wonders with my older child and the rest of the family! Definitely value for money and a must to stock up whenever we “balik kampung”.

  3. Dyg Mass
    72 reviews

    tidur lena tanpa gangguan nyamuk..

    5 out of 5, reviewed on January 5, 2017

    Watsons Mosquito Repellent Patch menghalau nyamuk dengan effective dan berkesan. Saya hanya tampal di baju anak atau di tepi bantal sahaja. Sangat mudah digunakan dan selamat untuk anak-anak. Anak-anak dapat tidur lena tanpa gangguan nyamuk. Tidak perlu pasang lingkaran nyamuk atau semburan nyamuk lagi. Sesuai dilekatkan di tepi katil, katil baby, di dalam kelambu dan sesuai juga untuk mereka yang suka aktiviti lasak di hutan. Ianya juga senang ditanggalkan. Baunya juga menyegarkan. Terima kasih 100comments.com.

  4. Ariel
    241 reviews

    Citronella scented

    4 out of 5, reviewed on December 28, 2016

    The patch adheres well to my clothes and I love the citronella scent. I noticed that the range of the patch is quite limited – which is why you have to apply all four patches given in one sachet to strategic parts of your body. During my evening walk, the patches on my upper arms protected my face and neck from mozzies but not my lower arm.

    Overall, it’s a great anti-mozzie solution without applying sticky repellent directly on my skin.

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