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Contest Winners Announcement (18 – 25 Aug)

Congratulations to all the reviewers for Kath+Belle Newborn Products, Biolane Gentle Shampoo, Citrex Memoria, Wise Nutrition Kiwi Fibre Drink, Shapee Seamless Nursing Bra, Wise Nutrition NEM SJMM Capsules, Novalac Growing Up Milk and Biolane Essential Cleansing Emulsion!

We will deliver the prizes within 2 to 3 weeks after the contest announcement.


As this is a “product for review” giveaway, you are required to write a review (minimum 30 words in any language) with a photo of the actual product on the following Review Links (as stated below each prize) within 2 weeks of receiving the product. Those who did not submit their reviews or did not write the minimum required words or submit a photo will not stand a chance to win future contests here.

Kath+Belle Newborn Products 
1. GermsFree Handwash
Review Link: https://100comments.com/kath-belle-germs-free-handwash/
Lay Hoon Soo

2. Hair Conditioner
Review Link: https://100comments.com/kath-belle-hair-conditioner/
Frankie Tung

3. Top-To-Toe Cleanser
Review Link: https://100comments.com/kath-belle-top-toe-cleanser/
Steffi Tan

4. Face & Body Lotion
Review Link: https://100comments.com/kath-belle-face-body-lotion/
Hasmah Hussain

5. Hair Shampoo
Review Link: https://100comments.com/kath-belle-hair-shampoo/
Jazril Ezlan

6. Diaper Time Sanitiser Spray
Review Link: https://100comments.com/kath-belle-diaper-time-sanitiser-spray/
Soo Lee Goh

7. Germs Free Organic Disinfectant
Review Link: https://100comments.com/kath-belle-germsfree-organics-disinfectant/
Jeff Tung

8. SafeClean Bottle Cleanser
Review Link: https://100comments.com/kath-belle-safe-clean-bottle-cleanser-spray/
Dayaniey Dahari

9. Keep Fresh Home Odour Remover
Review Link: https://100comments.com/kath-belle-keep-fresh-home-odour-remover/
Jacklyn Jacky

10. Prebiotic Baby Lotion
Review Link: https://100comments.com/babyorganix-kath-and-belle-prebiotics-baby-lotion/
Siti Rohaida

11. Super Vitamin E Oil & VCO
Review Link: https://100comments.com/kath-belle-super-vitamin-e-oil-vco/
Nusrat Abdul Samad


Biolane Gentle Shampoo x 10
Review Link: https://100comments.com/biolane-gentle-shampoo/

1. Marcus Wong
2. Phuah Yong Soon
3. Nur Arina bt Zukifli
4. Niki Tay
5. Maziah Mastor
6. Nam Wei Low
7. Kelvin Lee
8. Siti Sarah Che Dan
9. Lee Kah Seng
10. Nur Izzah Safie

Citrex Memoria Contest

Citrex Memoria (3 bottles each)
Review Link: https://100comments.com/citrex-memoria/

1. Siti Ayuni Aziz
2. Balqis Athirah Binti Abdul Talib
3. Sally Tung
4. Connie Tong
5. Jayalakshmi S. Balakrishnan
6. Nur Zafirah Aziz


Wise Nutrition Kiwi Fibre Drink 
Review Link: https://100comments.com/wise-nutrition-new-zealand-kiwi-fiber-drink/

1. Syahirah Che Mat
2. June Ambi
3. Rohaizan Rafles
4. Irene Chan
5. Step Soh
6. Maziah Mastor
7. Siti Sarah
8. Elizabeth Kam
9. Chan Peik Yein
10. Betty Liew

Shapee Seamless Nursing Bra

Shapee Seamless Nursing Bra 
Review Link: https://100comments.com/shapee-nursing-bra/

1. Penny Ngu
2. Sally Tung
3. Elizabeth Kam
4. Jeff Tung
5. Nur Arina

Wise Nutrition NEM SJMM Capsules Contest

Wise Nutrition NEM SJMM Capsules 
Review Link: https://100comments.com/wise-nutrition-nem-natural-eggshell-membrane-sjmm-capsules/

1. Ain Syafiqah
2. Maryam Mohd Daud
3. Rohaizan Rafles
4. Siti Ayuni Aziz
5. Lee Thing Fam
6. Irene Chan
7. Nam Wei Low
8. Nor Rafeeqah Othman
9. Syahirah Che Mat
10. Kelvin Lee


Novalac Growing Up Milk
Review Link: https://100comments.com/novalac-growing-milk/

1. Jazril Ezlan
2. Niki Tay

Biolane Essential Cleansing Emulsion Contest

Biolane Essential Cleansing Emulsion 
Review Link: https://100comments.com/biolane-essential-cleansing-emulsion/

1. Nur Arina
2. Niki Tay
3. Frankie Tung

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