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Banish Premature Skin Aging and Wrinkles – the Natural Way

Whether you’re in your twenties or fifties, seeing fine lines on your faces is quite alarming. For most people, lines could only mean one dreadful thing: Ageing. Even the word “ageing” itself scares a lot of people to death. Women (and recently, men too) would give anything to banish fine lines, wrinkles and crow’s feet from their faces. They’d usually apply an array of creams marketed as anti-ageing, face sculpting or uplifting creams.

Facial therapies are an alternative to creams, and are often used in combination with skin care regimens and products. However, those with strong intent or lack patience to see results would either go under the knife or opt for cosmetic treatments to rid themselves of wrinkles. If you are willing to take this route to beauty, you can count yourselves lucky as with the advancement of technology, various aesthetic treatments such as fillers and lasers have emerged to make women look prettier and younger day by day.

But you would have read about the many cosmetic surgeries gone wrong in the papers. Do you still want to subject yourself to the risk of having your face and health ruined? While your earlier concern was just wrinkles, you could end up worrying about a distorted face – a problem far worse than wrinkles. You could check if your beauty and health centre has been certified and approved by the authority but certification alone doesn’t eliminate the risks. After all, there are risks in every medical procedure.

Prevention is better than cure

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you are truly serious about having a good complexion and avoiding premature skin ageing, you must first know and understand the cause of wrinkles in order to prevent them from taking place. It is quite a widely-known fact that the lack of water in your body could lead to dry skin, which is the major cause in your getting wrinkles all over.

Wrinkles are also formed when the collagen and elastin present in the connective tissue of your skin are weakened or decrease in number. Although wrinkles are typically the result of ageing and one getting older, younger people in their 20s, especially those with chronic dry and sensitive skin condition, also tend to spot a wrinkle or two. They aren’t suffering from a premature ageing disorder but rather, are victims to the below that causes wrinkles to form faster than they should:

Loss of vitamin E

We’ve learnt in school that Vitamin E is the vitamin for the skin. Vitamin E is rich in antioxidants and helps to protect your skin from damage caused by free radicals. Antioxidants are an essential part of skin care as they bind to free radicals and prevent them from damaging your skin cells, thus depletion of this important vitamin can cause skin quality to deteriorate.

Include foods that are rich in Vitamin E in your daily diet to help your skin remain healthy and wrinkle-free. You can also apply Vitamin E oil to your face every night, which will help to eliminate wrinkles and improve the texture of your skin.

Rapid weight loss

Wrinkles after a drastic weight loss are very common, so you don’t have to worry too much about it. There are several facial exercises that you can do to help increase muscle tone and prevent wrinkles from forming.


Smoking hastens the ageing process. Free radicals are highly reactive molecules and atoms that occur naturally in the body due to various chemical functions within the body. The large amount of free radicals produced by cigarette smoke is one of the biggest culprits for premature wrinkles.

Overexposure to sun

The damage caused by the ultraviolet rays of the sun is known as photoageing. This is one of the most common causes for facial wrinkles. Make sure you use sun block with at least SPF15 protection before you step out the door. Fortunately, there are also several home remedies that can be used to help reduce the severity of the wrinkles if you already suffer from them (see next page).


Environmental factors such as exposure to air pollutants, dust, chemicals and harsh lights over a period of time can cause wrinkles.

Exposure to one factor or more of the earlier-mentioned is inevitable. As such, you might want to check if you are prone to fine lines and wrinkles. If you display any of the major symptoms below, take good care as these are early signs of wrinkles waiting to form:

  • Sensitive skin near the neck, lips and eyes
  • Sagging skin
  • Lined and creased skin

Natural tips and treatments for skin ageing and wrinkles

Now that you’ve known the causes of wrinkles and how to prevent them, there are many natural remedies and practices you can turn to for prevention and cure. There is no need to subject yourself to expensive risky medical procedures or slather creams that possibly contain chemicals and may not even work. The skin improvement regimen consists of changes to your lifestyle, followed by natural and homemade remedies that you can apply to improve your complexion:

What You Need To Change:

1. Do not smoke. Smoking is not only packed with hazardous chemicals but also intensifies sunlight damage to the skin.

2. Get regular exercise and seek treatment for high blood pressure and other circulatory disorders. Like other organs, the skin receives its nourishment through the bloodstream. Exercise increases blood circulation to the skin, which is why someone who has just had a workout would look all red and flushed, due to the blood flow to the organs.

3. Drink at least eight glasses of water daily. Water is needed for the cells in the body to function well and to keep your skin well-hydrated. Consumption of water is the best way to hydrate and moisturise your skin from within as adequate hydration helps to maintain skin tone.

4. Smile more, squint less and never frown; you would definitely have heard that more muscles are needed to frown than to smile. As such, smiling more and frowning less is one good way to keep your face young, wrinkle-free and attractive.

5. The role of a balanced diet for a healthy, youthful looking skin cannot be undermined. A diet rich in fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains paves the way for wrinkle-free skin.


1. Avoid alcohol-based toning solutions. These can dry and chap the skin.

2. Use natural oils rather than harsh soaps and cold creams to remove dirt and makeup.

3. Take a tablespoon of flax seed oil 4 times a day. Flax seed oil is an excellent wrinkle cure agent. Be warned though that if your body isn’t used to taking flax seed oil, you may suffer bouts of diarrhoea.

4. Try to stay away from the sun. The sun is at its hottest between 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., so always use sunscreen to avoid skin damage if you have to go out. However, do not apply sunscreen all the time. You can benefit from moderate, daily exposure to the early morning or late afternoon sun, which helps the skin to manufacture vitamin D. Vitamin D is important for numerous bodily processes including the prevention of most forms of skin cancer.

5. Avoid all make-up if you have sensitive skin. Wrinkles, especially around the eyes, can sometimes be the result of an allergy to certain cosmetic products and in such cases, it would be wise to consult your doctor or dermatologist if you start to develop any unusual symptoms on the skin.

6. Use natural remedies whenever possible. There are many things from the kitchen or garden that can be used to either tighten the skin or prevent those evil wrinkles from appearing.


Egg whites

Apply egg whites to the skin under your eyes, forehead, neck and other areas prone to wrinkling. Egg whites contain vitamins which will help to nourish as well as tighten your skin. Using egg whites is an excellent method to reduce wrinkles naturally, so much that women of the yesteryears have used homemade masks made of egg whites to preserve their beauty.

Castor oil

Castor oil has been used for centuries, dating back to the days of the Egyptian pharaohs who used the oil in their skincare and hair care regimens. The oil is easily absorbed by the skin, making it an effective emollient. Just dip your finger into the oil and dab under your eyes, face and neck.

Coconut oil

Gently massage coconut oil on your skin prone to wrinkles every night before bedtime. Virgin coconut oil mixed with a few drops of Vitamin E oil makes an even better wrinkle cream; some users have reported visible results of tightened skin within a week of using the concoction.

Pineapple core

This might seem like a strange skin therapy but rubbing the core of pineapple on the face apparently helps with removal of fine wrinkles. After rubbing the core on the face, leave it for 10-15 minutes before rinsing off.


Cut a green seedless grape in half and gently crush it on your face. Leave the juice on for 20 minutes before rinsing off with warm water and letting your face dry naturally.


Turmeric has been used in ayurveda for ages for its effectiveness in promoting good skin. A paste of turmeric mixed with sugarcane juice makes an excellent ‘cream’ to get rid of wrinkles and slow skin ageing, although you will have a slight yellowish tinge on your face upon rinsing off the paste.

The ‘apples’

Apply a mixture of pineapple and apple juice on your face daily for 10-15 minutes. The mixture is good for eliminating fine wrinkles and healing dry cracked skin.

Potential dangers in wrinkle and anti-ageing creams

You might not be utterly convinced of the effectiveness of natural and home remedies in curing your premature skin ageing and wrinkles. You might still think that your store-bought creams are superior; after all, they cost you a lot and must be the best. Perhaps you will change your mind after finding out the potential dangers of commercial wrinkles and anti-ageing creams.

Not a while ago, two top universities in the US, the University of Maryland Medical Centre and Princeton University, along with the American Academy of Dermatology, have unanimously came up with the dangers of anti-ageing or anti-wrinkle cream which everyone should take a note of. Read on and find out how commercial anti-ageing and wrinkles creams can harm you.

1. Pregnancy problems

According to the University of Maryland Medical Centre, one of the most effective anti-ageing ingredients is vitamin A and its derivatives. However, the centre warns that pregnant women should avoid such anti-ageing creams because the vitamin A contained within will lead to an increased total ingestion of vitamin A. Soon-to-be mothers are not encouraged to consume more than 10,000 IU per day, exceeding which could lead to risks of birth complications. While it is quite unlikely to exceed that dosage from application of creams alone, the creams could be detrimental to the well-being of the mother and foetus if the mother is already on a diet high in vitamin A.

2. The absence of sun protection

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, sunscreen is the most important ingredient for preventing ageing because the sun is a major cause of wrinkles and other skin problems. Unfortunately, some anti-ageing or wrinkle creams do not contain sunscreen protection ingredients. Many would assume that skincare products offer complete protection, a misconception which could lead to sunburn or worse, skin cancer.

3. Acne breakouts

There are plenty of anti-ageing creams that contain wax- or oil-based products such as petroleum, which serve to moisturise your skin and plump it up with water to reduce wrinkles. However, Princeton University warns that such oils can clog your pores and increase your risk of experiencing a breakout of pimples. The university suggests avoiding such creams and only using those labelled as “non-comedogenic” or “water-based”.

4. Irritation

A skin care product tester named Paula Begoun, who is also the author of “Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter without Me”, has warned that many anti-ageing and general skin care creams contain excessively irritating substances. According to Begoun, some of the most common irritants often found in over-the-counter anti-ageing creams include alcohols such as specially denatured (SD) alcohol and sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS).

Begoun said that the dangers of such irritating ingredients include redness, itchiness, an impaired skin immunity and breakdown of your skin’s collagen, which can lead to fine lines or wrinkles, which is very much the opposite of what you are trying to achieve. If that’s not bad enough, SD alcohol is often used in household cleaners and is potent enough to remove ink stains while SLS is a cancer-causing agent.

With all of that being said, it’s time to wise up. With a quick glance over the cosmetic counter, the commercial anti-ageing and wrinkle creams do seem tempting especially if they are packaged in pretty little tubs. Make sure you’ve done your homework before you start plucking those creams off the shelf. Endangered health is far too much a price to pay just for the removal of a wrinkle or two.


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