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Balsem Gosok – The Muscle Rub You Need

Whether you are a running enthusiast or have pushed yourself hard at the gym, or even just feel stiff and sore after a day’s work at the office, it is time to give your body some much-needed tender loving care (TLC). If you are not a fan of popping pain-relieving or anti-inflammatory pills, we have a great solution for you.

A Trusted Remedy

eagle-balm-balsem-gosokA traditional remedy made with eucalyptus oil, Balsem Gosok has been the go-to massage balm to ease muscle pain, neck pain, stomach aches, rheumatic pain and itchiness.

A powerlifter in the massage balm category, Balsem Gosok emanates heat that will deeply penetrate the skin and muscles to warm it up, thus relieving the pain almost instantaneously.

Its main ingredient, eucalyptus oil, boasts of multiple healing properties including being anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, decongestant, deodorant, and antiseptic qualities, among others.

A product by the renowned Eagle Brand, Balsem Gosok comes in a portable size so you can bring it everywhere you go and is affordable to boot. The light-green balm can be easily applied to the affected areas too, leaving a pleasing and refreshing scent to invigorate you as your sore muscles heal.

One Balm, Many Uses

After your evening run, you may experience itchiness after being bitten by the mozzies. Fret not and just apply Balsem Gosok on the itchy areas to soothe them. It can also be used to relieve blocked noses, headaches and just about any minor aches and pains in life that you can think of. Just be careful not to put it on open wounds and only use it externally.

If you are active, you need to have this muscle rub nearby to ease your sore muscles and aching joints!

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