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Baby Stats in Malaysia

Baby Stats in Malaysia

Did you know that Malaysian males outnumber females by 1 million? This is equivalent to 100 female babies for every 107 male babies born. And although there is a baby born every minute in the country, there are less than 2 babies born to every child-bearing age woman in Malaysia. With women waiting longer before they have a child, the mean age for a first-time mother has slightly increased to 27.7 years from 27.6 years in 2015.

Life Expectancy and Causes of Death

life expectancy baby stats in malaysia

Life expectancy at 72.7 years (male) and 77.6 years (female) is relatively long with very little change from 2017’s numbers of 72.7 years (male) and 77.4 years (female). If you are curious as to the causes of death, here are the grim details:

Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death, followed by influenza and pneumonia, stroke and road traffic accidents. Transport accidents are the main cause of death for those aged 40 and below, while heart disease plagues those aged 41 to 59 years and pneumonia is the bane of existence for those aged 60 years and above.

As for the causes of maternal death, obstetric embolism (an amniotic fluid embolism where the amniotic fluid enters the mother’s bloodstream that can trigger a heart and lung collapse and massive bleeding) takes the lead followed by other pregnancy complication, postpartum haemorrhage and ectopic pregnancies. Though amniotic fluid embolism is a rare occurrence at 1 instance per 20,000 births, it causes 10% of maternal deaths. Those with an increased risk of amniotic fluid embolism are mothers aged 35 and above and those who are given labour-inducing drugs, such as misoprostol.

Popular Baby Names

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As for baby names, apart from being the name of the Prophet and founder of Islam, Muhamad means blessed or renowned. Adam is the name of the first human, who is also a prophet, while Ainul Mardiah means blessed eyes and refers to the most beautiful angel in heaven. These are truly lovely names for a Muslim baby boy and girl.

The Chinese name Yu means ‘born during the rainfall’ or ‘universe, bright, shining’. With an average of 16.67 rainfall days in a month last year, the chances of a baby being born on a rainy day are quite high. Of course, the latter meaning of the name has an auspicious ring to it, so it works out well. Zhe could mean ‘wise’ making Yu Zhe to represent a bright and wise boy.

Depending on the Chinese character used, Xuan could mean either jade or waterlily. So Yu Xuan could mean shining jade or bright waterlily.

Sharvin has a few meanings, namely, Lord Shiva, brave, handsome and victorious. All very strong and wonderful names for a boy while Janani denotes tenderness, maternal traits and refers to the name of a goddess. Check out other popular names here!

Infographic In A Glance

Here are the facts and figures in one glance:


Malaysia Baby Stats

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