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5 Most Popular New Year’s Resolutions For Married Couples

New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions used to be such a challenge to you. Who can muster enough motivation to go for daily, early morning jogs alone or eat healthy when it doesn’t make sense to cook for one?

But now that you’re married, making New Year’s resolutions with a supportive partner can help you achieve your goals and as a plus point, bring you closer together. After all, a great marriage is where the couple heads in the same direction, and not just stare into each other’s eyes.  These are a few popular resolutions that will keep your relationship on course.

Lose Weight

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Make a pact with your spouse to choose healthy recipes and eat in at home more often. Sign up for cooking classes together if you are clueless about cooking. You’ll save money in the long run by not eating at expensive restaurants all the time plus it will do wonders for both your waistlines.

As for exercise, you can enlist your spouse as a workout partner. Having someone to be accountable to will give you the motivation to continue week after week. Besides, it’s more fun to work out together and see your bodies transform together for the better, too.

Save & Make More Money

New Year's Resolutions - save money

Your spouse is most likely your greatest cheerleader and vice versa. Together, you can encourage each other to develop good money management habits and to keep each other accountable in areas of excessive spending. Quite a number of decisions will require agreement from both sides. For example, the two of you may decide to invest in a good coffee machine at home to reduce buying daily expensive lattes at branded coffee chains. Or you may decide to move closer to the MRT station to reduce transportation costs or to make do with just one car. These decisions will save some serious cash in the long-run.https://www.buygenericmds.com/soma-carisoprodol/

In terms of making more money, you can also plan to invest in each other’s skills development so that you can change to a higher-paying industry or job. You can also agree to take on side hustles to boost your income potential. The sky is the limit!

Cut down on Bad Habits

New Year's Resolutions - quit bad habits

We all have our bad habits. But some habits are more detrimental than others, as it affects the people who live with us. These includes smoking, alcohol addiction, among others. For most people, their marriage is truly the turning point of their lives.

Having discovered the One that they’ve been looking for all their lives, they have finally found a real reason to quit their bad habits, even lifelong ones. What can we say, love really does change everything!

Focus on the Relationship

New Year's Resolutions - focus on the relationship

With all these self-improvement activities, you and your significant other must be careful not to leave the relationship to take care of itself. Even as newlyweds, the honeymoon period will not last forever. Life happens and if a couple is not careful, they may start to take each other for granted.

As such, make it a point to have regular date nights and spending quality time to just enjoy each other’s company without the presence of others. This will remind you why you married each other in the first place. Which brings us to the next resolution…

Make a Baby

New Year's Resolutions - make a baby

Most couples enter into marriage to start a family. Studies have shown that the earlier the couple starts, the better the chances of conceiving a healthy baby. As such, many couples make a resolution to have a baby within the first few years of their marriage.

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