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5 Benefits of Formula Milk for Toddlers

Breastfeeding or formula feeding is a choice for all moms who have toddlers. They should choose without the fear of being judged, shamed or guilted for whatever they decide. Many experts discuss the benefits of breastfeeding and this makes some moms feel like it is a must and the best choice for their toddlers. Alas, we shouldn’t overlook the benefit of formula milk as well.

Formula feeding is a great option for moms who are unable to produce milk. Others may experience pain or discomfort, including emotionally and choose formula feeding instead. Many modern-working-moms have been accepting formula feeding as they don’t want to take on the massive commitment of nursing a baby every single hour. This needs them to attach with the baby 24/7 and preventing them from working. Whatever the case may be, having formula on hand will keep your baby happy, healthy and getting all the nutrients the baby needs.

1. Gives you freedom

Formula feeding gives moms back some of their time. They carried babies inside their womb for nine months and now they just need some alone time to recover and recharge their body. The process of giving birth is not easy and drained their energy. Formula feeding can take away the stresses as they don’t have to be restricted about what to eat and what to wear. Whatever that moms eat will affect the baby through breastfeeding and moms need to wear a comfortable attire for easily breastfeeding.

 2. Convenient

Apart from breastfeeding, moms can opt for pumped breastmilk. Pumped breastmilk can be stored for days and you just need to reheat it to use. But, it is quite hassling to pump the milk every 2-3 hours. Plus, you need to find a private room to do so and it is time-consuming. Imagine if you are working and you need to pump breastmilk to be sent to your toddlers at home. With formula, you just need a couple of scoops, add some water and ready to give to your toddler.

3. Complete with important nutrients

Formula milk is completed with important nutrients needed for your toddlers. You don’t have to worry about giving your baby extra vitamins. The formula milk is enough and packed with nutrients. Formula milk is typically fortified with both iron and vitamin D, two important nutrients for toddlers.

4. Allows others to bond with your baby

Formula feeding allows moms to share feeding duties with dads, siblings, grandparents or even friends. Anyone can feed the baby and it can be a great time to bond. The added bonus is mom gets a break and spend some time to rest and release stress.

5. Great choice for working moms

Packing up pumps, bottles, a cooler, an ice pack and a ton of other stuff once you get out the door to go to the office. These are essential items that you need to pack if you choose to pump breastmilk. Your day start earlier as you need to get up early and pack the stuff hoping that you won’t miss any important item. It is going to be exhausting and annoying. For moms who can’t deal with any of that, formula feeding eliminates a huge amount of hassle.

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