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21 Things Every Man Should Know About Pregnancy and Fatherhood

Your journey into fatherhood begins as soon as you successfully impregnate your partner. From then on, prepare for the ride of your life, for this is what it’s all about – The good, the bad, the unbelievable, the exciting and everything in between. Welcome to the world of pregnancy and beyond!

  1. When news of her pregnancy is announced, your mate becomes the center of attention. Nine months later when baby arrives, they’ll both be the center of attention and endless doting. It’s always going to be about mom or baby and seldom about you. It’s unfair, but it’s true.
  2. Pregnancy will make her sense of smell almost supernatural, so if you haven’t washed your feet, or if you’ve cheated on your deodorant, she’ll know, even from 10 feet away.
  3. Hormones are capable of giving a pregnant woman multiple personalities. Some of them may be pleasant, some may not. Just roll with it – It’ll pass.
  4. If she says something smells divine, it smells divine. If she gags that something stinks, well, something stinks. To insist otherwise would be unwise.
  5. Her appetite may seem like she’s carrying a herd of some sort inside her, but we don’t have to tell you to not mention it, ever.
  6. Her cravings might be nothing short of crazy, but need we remind you, as long as it’s not harmful, just act as if it’s normal and yeah, just go with it.
  7. You might pile on some extra pounds yourself, daddy, for you’ll inevitably find yourself partaking in some or all of her cravings and all that extra goodies in the pantry, kitchen, bedroom, car, etc.
  8. You may not be able to please your pregnant partner and your friends at the same time, especially your single friends. If you manage to do that, however, kudos to you!
  9. As a pregnancy progresses, ache and discomforts creep up. During the courses of these unfortunate but necessary developments, you might find your bed space getting more cramped up with å pillows! Yes, chances are, you might end up volunteering to sleep on the couch than to share the bed with 12 assorted pillows including the newly-introduced full-size body pillow!
  10. It’s not quite likely that one can be pregnant and possess a sense of humour at the same time, especially about getting bigger, rounder or heavier. Need we explain more…?
  11. You might not understand or agree with the concept of Lamanze, but you’ll have to pretend you do and go with it.
  12. Speaking of Lamanze, when actual labour contractions begin, there is a chance it might not match your trusted breathing chart. No time for questions, just go with it.
  13. If you haven’t already figured out the roles of the doctor, the midwife, the nurse, the anesthesiologist, and the OB tech, now’s the time to look it up, so you’ll know who’s who in the delivery room.
  14. Baby stuff are small in size but their prize tags are not. If you don’t wish to be in want or need, plan well and shop early for deals and offers on car seats, strollers, a baby crib, etc.
  15. If she previously insisted for a medication-free delivery but changes her mind mid-labour and the doctor approves, our advice is, just go with it. You don’t know what she’s feeling and doctors do know what they’re doing.
  16. You will not faint in the delivery room. That only happens in the movies.
  17. Emotions, discomfort and pain are not a good combination, especially in women. Keep that in mind if she happens to scream irrationally at you in the delivery room. She doesn’t mean it. Really.
  18. By your first week as a new dad, things you previously thought will make you gag, such as poop and vomit, will not bother you anymore, even if they end up on your shirt.
  19. Changing your baby’s diaper isn’t exactly rocket science. Watch how your wife does it and you’ll be a pro in no time!
  20. With a newborn in the house, a good night’s sleep may seem like a luxury and will remain so for some time.
  21. While your baby WILL change your life, taking things one day at a time will help you appreciate your fatherhood as you anticipate the journey ahead which is filled with mind-blowing experiences and exceptional love for your offspring!

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