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Proutix™ is probiotic supplement in maintaining a healthy body. Proutix™ contains two clinically tested strains, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1 and Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14.

Proutix™ is a probiotic supplement specially formulated for women’s health. Proutix™ contains 2 clinically studied strains, Lactobacillus rhamnosus GR-1 and Lactobacillus reuteri RC-14  sourced from Denmark to help improving health in women.

  1. sepadubinajaya72
    19 reviews

    For women only

    4 out of 5, reviewed on April 5, 2020

    For a women, it is very important to take good care of #missv as it defines my gender and the womenliness in me… I have always take great care of “IT”, so while I can’t really feel much difference after taking this for 30 days… I believe that this BiO-LIFE Proutix supplement really does helps in maintaining the good health of my “down under” for while I have stopped taking my regular supplements for this section of my body as I switched to this free trial product that has been given to me, my “women parts” still remains healthy and odour free …

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