Aiken Antibacterial Shower Crème Protect & Nourish

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Aiken Antibacterial Shower Creme Protect & Nourish helps in cleansing, rehydrating and nourishing the skin gently. It is soap-free and pH balance with the formulation of Rosehip and Ylang Ylang. This shower creme is enriched with natural ingredients and effectively kills bacteria. The smells of Rosehip and Ylang Ylang is wonderful and helps nourish the skin while you shower.

Now you can keep your body fresh and antibacterial at the same time smells great. Experience the dual sensation of being clean as well as smelling great after each shower. This shower creme works best to ensure you are protected from unseen germs day and night.

Usage instructions:

Apply an adequate amount on the body and lather well. Rinse with water.

  1. Noor Azhar
    72 reviews

    Aiken Antibacterial Shower Creme Protect & Nourish

    5 out of 5, reviewed on February 5, 2018

    Aiken Antibacterial Shower Creme Protect & Nourish is one of my favourite shower creme!?. Instead of protecting us from bacteria, the great smells of Rosehip & Ylang Ylang is so mesmerizing?. There is nothing as comforting as stepping into a warm & fragrance bath at home – a real pleasure and deep relaxation that I always crave for??.

  2. Avatar

    900 reviews

    Kurang Berbau ubat & sangat wangi.

    5 out of 5, reviewed on September 21, 2017

    Saya mmg selalu guna mandian aiken ni…bagi saya ia mandian anti bakteria yg berbau sngt wangi & kurang berbau ubat..Aiken juga menawarkan bnyak jenis variasi yg suka ia melembapkan kulit saya sambil melindungi.

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