Absorba Nateen Soft Underpad – Ultimate Protection

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Absorba Nateen Soft Underpad absorbs leakages, maintains dryness and reduces odours, this alternative protection for a mattress/chair offers peace of mind to both user and caregiver. It also a highly absorbent pads made for mattress protection from urine damage. The pad is put under or above the linens; then it absorbs the leaking fluid. Disposable underpads are becoming common in long-haul care facilities as well as hospitals for furniture and mattress protection from urine damage and minimize linen laundry.

Moreover, if you are driving your kids on a journey, it would be prudent to use disposable underpads for protecting your automobile. Seat replacement in your car is more onerous than laying down a disposable underpad.

A lot of experts recommend disposable underpad utility as a clean and straightforward to use cover at a baby diaper changing station. It is smooth, sterile, and soft; therefore, your baby is safe from touching murky surfaces.

Special Features of Absorba Nateen Soft Underpad: 

  • Soft, Hypoallergenic, non-woven top sheet
  • Embossed channels assure faster fluid distribution & increase absorbency up to 500ml
  • Waterproof PE film backsheet, to prevent leakages
  • Superior absorbency core with Super absorbency polymer (SAP-Gel)
  • Larger size for better containment & performance
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