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We know that financial planning isn’t easy, especially when you consider the many factors involved in the process. But what if there is a plan that has made everything easier for you? A simple yet affordable plan with no medical check-ups required?

Introducing Zurich SureCover, a whole life plan that offers you protection till age 100. This plan comes with a ‘guaranteed acceptance’ feature, which means we’ll never turn down your application regardless of your health condition. From as low as RM75 per month, this plan safeguards you against the unexpected and helps ease the financial burden faced by your loved ones.


Guaranteed Acceptance From Age 35 Until 80 Years Old

As the name suggests, Zurich SureCover comes with a unique Guaranteed Acceptance feature, and provides coverage for the Life Assured from ages 35 till 80 years old. It is an ideal solution for individuals who are looking to protect themselves and their parents.

Easy And Hassle-Free Application With No Medical Check-Ups Required

With no medical check-ups and no health questions asked, this plan is hassle-free for sure! We’ll never turn down your application regardless of your health conditions.

Coverage Up To Age 100

Enjoy the rewards of a well-lived life. This plan provides you with coverage up to age 100 for your peace of mind. So just sit back and relax, and let us protect you while you take care of your loved ones.

Affordable Premium From As Low As RM75 Per Month

From only RM75 per month, you can enjoy great benefits specially designed with you in mind. Best of all, the premium is guaranteed and will not increase as you age.

Guaranteed Maturity Benefit

This plan rewards you with a maturity benefit at the end of policy year after your 100th birthday. You will receive a lump sum payment of 188% of your Total Premiums Paid.

*Subject to terms and conditions

Repatriation Benefit

Should any unfortunate event happen to the Life Assured whilst traveling outside of Malaysia, this plan provides a reimbursement up to RM3,000 for repatriation of the Life Assured’s mortal remains back to the home country.

Guaranteed Death Benefit With High Accidental Death Benefit

Be ready when life throws you a curveball. In the event that the Life Assured meets with an untimely demise, they receive benefits payable for both accidental and non-accidental death.

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