Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 10000mAh

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10000mAh Panasonic/LG battery cells
Business card sized

21.4% smaller Panasonic/LG battery cells

Sized like a business card, 30% more energy dense. We used Panasonic and LG’s latest 735Wh/L Polymer Cell technology to keep the 10000mAh power bank extremely small and dense. It holds enough power to charge Mi Note’s 3000mAh battery fully 2.1 times.

Nine layers of world-class circuit chip protection

Built by Texas Instruments and Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. With adopted USB smart-control chips and charging/discharging chips, Mi Power Bank not only provides nine layers of circuit chip protection. It also enhances efficiency.

Up to 93% conversion rate

Optimized charging/discharging efficiency. World-class chips are not only safer, but improve charging conversion rate and stabilize discharging voltage with advanced resistance-capacitance sensors to optimize efficiency and durability.

Plays well with others

Compatible with a wide range of devices. Mi Power Bank automatically adjusts its output level based on the connected device. It is compatible with smartphones and tablets from Mi, Apple, Samsung, HTC, Google, and BlackBerry, as well as a variety of digital cameras and handheld gaming devices.

Sleek aluminum case

Beautifully textured aluminum surface. The single-piece metal casing was created by high precision CNC digital cutting. The surface is water and corrosion resistant, and is perfect for everyday use.

CNC-finished edges feel better in your hand

Sleek, elegant curves along the edges of the aluminum casing are created with CNC milling technology and sandblasted to impeccable smoothness.

Elegant curves

Ergonomically friendly and easy to hold.

Anodized aluminum shell

The meticulous anodizing process creates a stronger surface resistant to fading, wear, and corrosion.

Naturally indented button

A slightly indented button resets the power bank with a simple touch.


  1. 小曈
    40 reviews

    Good and Quality Power Bank

    5 out of 5, reviewed on April 11, 2022

    我买的第一个Power Bank就是它“小米”, 用了很多年还是好好的。无论出国,出差或上班一定带在我身边随时能充电。
    我用iPhone的,这个Power Bank 最少能充满两次以上。卖酱的价格和品质真的买不到。

  2. hyejeong060196
    6 reviews

    very good product

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 25, 2020

    买了那么多的power bank ,这款xiaomi 的最好用了! 快充+耐用+颜值 都棒棒的!

  3. Niknajwa25
    16 reviews

    Xiaomi Powerbank-Boleh caj sekejap je

    3 out of 5, reviewed on October 10, 2018

    Sy beli powerbank ni pada 2 thn lepas. Ingatkan boleh caj banyak kali sebab sy guna telefon jenama xiomi juga. Rupanya tak pun. Walaupun powerbank dah caj penuh bila nk caj telefon boleh caj sekali saja. Sekarang dah rosak ?

  4. Hussien71
    3 reviews

    Best Value for Money Powerbank

    5 out of 5, reviewed on September 20, 2018

    I have been using this power bank for the past few years, and I must it has been so reliable. The size is compact and it is not that heavy, thus it is easy to carry. At the first i was a bit of worried to use this product, since it is made in China, but throughout the time this product has proven to be so reliable. I would surely recommend this product to my colleagues.

  5. Marissa Voo
    6 reviews

    Reliable power bank!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 8, 2018

    I’ve been using this for about nearly 3 years now, and I’m surprised that it’s still working really well. I was skeptical at first, as we all are with China brands, but I’m really impressed with how long it has sustained! Aside from that, it’s also really affordable – which is why it was my first power bank. Even if it were to die on me tomorrow, I’d still trust that Xiaomi makes quality power banks, and would go ahead and buy another!

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