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This device is designed for adults to use if use this device on a child patient, old people
or toddlers, consult with your physician or measure with relative aid.

Measurements may be impaired if this device is use near televisions, microwave ovens,
x-ray mobile phone equipment or other devices with strong electrical fields. To prevent such interference, use the meter at a sufficient distance from such devices or turn them off.

This device is not suitable for disease diagnoses, urgent treatment, continuous monitoring
during medical emergencies or operations.


Wash your hand. If there is overmuch pressure or you feel uncomfortable, please press “power” button
immediately for quick deflation.

How to use the upper arm cuff

Pass the end of the cuff (with sewn-in rubber
stopper) through the metal stirrup so that a
loop is formed. The Velcro closer must be
facing outwards.(ignore this step if the cuff
has already been prepared.)

Push the cuff over the left upper arm so that
the tube points in the direction of the lower
arm and palm.

Lay the cuff on the arm as illustrated. Make
certain that the lower edge of the cuff lies
approximately 2 to 3 cm (3/4~1″) above the
elbow and that the rubber tube leaves the cuff
on the inner side of the arm.

Important! The mark (about 3 cm long bar)
must lie exactly over the artery which runs
down the inner side of the arm.

Tighten the free end of the cuff and close the
cuff with the closer.

There must be no free space between the arm
and the cuff as this would influence the result.
Clothing must not restrict the arm. Any piece of
clothing which does (e.g. a pullover) must be
taken off.

Remain still and do not talk during the measurement.
Keep a record of your blood pressure and pulse for your doctor. Remember, a single measurement does not provide an accurate indication of your true blood pressure. You need to take and record several measurements over a period of time. Try to measure your blood pressure at the same time each day for consistency. Blood pressure measurements fluctuate considerably.
7. Wait 5-10 minutes between successive measurements. Waiting allows the engorged blood vessels to return to normal. You may require more rest time depending on your individual physical conditions.

How to measure blood pressure

Press the “power” button, all icons appear two seconds on display, “0” or last measurement. Data.

Press “start” button to start measurement, the cuff in the strap will automatically inflate.
When the value on lcd increases to around 160-200 (mmhg), and start to release the air, and decrease pressure in the cuff automatically when it senses the heart beat, the mark ( ) will flash on lcd.

During measurement do not speak or shake as which may affect the accuracy of the result.
After measurement the screen will display systolic value, diastolic value, and pulse per minute
value, then automatically store the measured records into memory.

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