VGoddess Herbal Tampons

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VGoddess herbal tampons treat yeast infections, vaginal dryness, uterus inflammation, hydrosalpinx, candidiasis, colpitis, cervical erosion, pelvic inflammatory disease, annexitis, hysteromyoma and mycotic infection.

VGoddess herbal tampons orgiinated from the ancient Chinese imperial’s secret formula to cleanse and nourish the womb and uterus. Its combination of powerful herbs and flowers revitalises the womb and unblock meridians in your body.

It also breaksup pelvic adhesions and pelvic scars from the womb. You can instantly feel the difference upon 3rd usage the cleansing and nourishing effect.

This combination produces important detoxification and cleansing and nourishing effect on your womb and uterus which prepares it for conception.

– Disinfection and cleansing effects
– Vast expulsion of deeper toxins
– Promotes blood circulation and cell regeneration towards vaginal cleansing  and contraction
– Nourishes womb and uterus
– Ovary nursing & regulate secretion
– Promotes cell regeneration
– Anti inflammatory and maintains estrogen levels
– Increase vaginal smooth contraction ability

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