Vesbo Instant Porridge With Bird Nest

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Vesbo Instant Porridge With Bird Nest heralds a new trend of healthy instant food…

By combining the Healthcare with Instant food, consumers get to enjoy a brand new food choice with Vesbo Instant Bird’s Nest Porridge with added Seaweed-C (known as Sea Collagen).

Vesbo aims to provide consumers with the Healthiest and Easiest way of keeping their skin beautiful and their lives healthy. Studies have shown that consuming 4000mg of Collagen per day may smoothen their skin and strengthen their teeth & bones within 7-14 days accordingly to each individual.

Vesbo’s tagline “Instant Beauty, Instant Healthy” is in line with their aim to provide a better healthy food choice to the customer that is affordably priced. We believe to be the consumer’s first choice for their Breakfast or Supper even to replace the others brand of Collagen rather than taking instant noodles or Collagen juices.

*Halal Certified food product


  1. Fieza Maulanah
    161 reviews


    5 out of 5, reviewed on March 1, 2018

    Saya sukakan rasa Vesbo Instant Porridge With Bird Nest kerana kena dengan selera saya. Saya suka mengambilnya untuk sarapan pagi segera bila berada di pejabat ataupun pada sebelah malam bila saya malas untuk mengambil makanan berat. Vesbo Instant Porridge With Bird Nest cukup untuk mengenyangkan saya. Selain rasanya yang sedap, ianya juga merupakan makanan segera yang sihat dan tidak merisaukan saya untuk memakannya.

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