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Some dogs may be highly sensitive to commonly used animal proteins, carbohydrates and food additives in their diet. Allergic reactions can lead to irritable bowel, upset stomach and a number of skin problems. Vegepet food is designed for dogs with allergies caused by intolerance to common food ingredients such as meat or dairy products. Our Vegan Formula is free of artificial colours and preservatives, and combines with special non-meat proteins along with effective natural ingredients to help rebuild your dog’s immune system.

  • 100% natural and select grains and vegetables avoid/eliminate the source of animal protein allergies.
  • Contains 26% protein; 12% fat.
  • Contains all nutrition needed for a healthy animal, without using any animal ingredients.
  • Formulated to meet and exceed the Association of American Feed Control Officials guide for dogs.
  • ISO 22000, HACCP and ISO9001 certified.
  • Omega 3 and 6 promote healthy skin and coat.
  • Calcium Lactate enhances bone strength.
  • Oligo and digestive enzyme build up the intestinal health system.
  • Free from artificial colours and preservatives.
  • Contains no animal ingredients.
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