Vax Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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Home cleaning gets so much easier with a cordless vacuum cleaner. That’s why you should always go for the best quality ones. Designed to offer you ease and convenience, VAX ONEPWR is the brand’s complete cordless vacuum cleaning system powered by the revolutionary ONEPWR battery – their most advanced technology yet. This incredible system gives you constant powerful performance even when the battery is low, as well as unlimited battery runtime so that you can continuously clean your space without any interruptions. The ONEPWR battery also fits the entire VAX range of cordless vacuum cleaners, offering you a seamless solution for home cleaning. To date, VAX products have been sold in over 50 countries. In 1999, VAX became part of the TTI Group, a global market and innovation leader in power tools, floorcare, laser and electronic products. Testament of the brand’s success, VAX’s first 3-in-1 vacuum ‘Model 101’ was totally ahead of its time and became the best-selling vacuum cleaner in the UK in less than 8 years!

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