Uriage Crème Lavante Soap-free

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Uriage Crème Lavante Soap-free cleans and nourishes the skin of the whole family daily. Its hypoallergenic formula allows it to be used even by infants and face hygiene. Its formula enriched in moisturising active ingredients and Uriage thermal water, gently cleanses the sensitive skin of babies and children.
Day after day, the skin looks smooth, soft and supple.

  • With 1/3 nourishing milk
  • With Uriage Thermal Water
  • For gentle cleansing and moisturizing skin
  • Protects the lipid film of the skin
  • Neutralizes ressecantes effects of calcareous water
  • Creamy texture that makes a delicate and easy to rinse foam
  • Do not sting the eyes
  • Sweet fragrance
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    soap free

    4 out of 5, reviewed on January 20, 2020

    I like the sweet fragrances and its easy to use. Not just suitable for children but for adult too. I like this as it didnt irritate my skin, after use my skin feeling clean. Suitable for whole family to use.

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