Toshiba VC-GC33BSA Torneo Vacuum Cleaner

Product Details

Dual Tornado System
Accumulated dust in traditional bagged type vacuum cleaner reduces suction power and it’s not easy to clean the dust bag. With Toshiba Dual Tornado System Vacuum Cleaner, the suction power is still sustainable from empty dust cup situation to under dust ‘MAX’ line.

Lightweight & Compact
The body weight is only 2.7 KG makes it easy to lift and comfortable to carry. With the new design of vacuum cleaner, hidden wheels are designed to improve mobility and the dust on wheels will not be easily attached to the clothes.

Futon Brush
With futon brush, it’s can remove dust mites and skin flakes on your carpets, beddings and furniture. The sticks will hit 16 times per one rotation of wheel so the dead skin and dust mites will be removed during the cleaning process.*Scientifically proven to reduce exposure to the following allergen: House Dust Mite & Pollen.

  1. Aishah Norjamaeyah
    137 reviews


    5 out of 5, reviewed on September 8, 2017

    Sangat bagus. Sangat ringan. Senang untuk digunakan dan dicuci. Berkuasa menyedut habuk ditempat yang sukar. Sangat berkuasa.

  2. kelvinlee260121
    109 reviews

    Lightweight and Quiet

    4 out of 5, reviewed on July 29, 2017

    Very light and quiet vacuum cleaner. I have mostly hard floors and several pets, so I wanted a canister vacuum that could do good work on removing the pet hair and would be easy to use. The Toshiba works great and is much quieter than other international brand that I had been using.

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