Takada ISB-630A Multi-Purpose Cooker

Product Details

Takada presents you their range of multi purpose cookers, designed to make your dinner preparations much more convenient! Do everything – slow cook, stir fry, steam and so many more at one go, and you’ll be pleased to own the Takada Multi Purpose Cooker ISB-130A. Attractive and Innovative Design The Takada Multi Purpose Cooker ISB-130A has a smart simple design that camouflages easily into the exterior of your kitchen. Long lasting, its non stick cooking pan is easy to clean and the tempered glass lid maintains the nutrients of your food. The heat resistant plastic body will also avoid minor burns from happening should your little ones become inquisitive.
Versatile and Multi-Function
If there’s anything you can depend your whole life on, it’s the Takada ISB-130A. It does everything in one pot – slow cooking, warming, steam boat, stir frying, and of course, frying as well! The automatic temperature control lets you adjust up to 240ᄚ according to your cooking needs. To make your day better, the wooden spatula that you need to complete your cooker is also provided!
Simple and Portable
The Takada ISB-130A is suitable for family vacations. With its multipurpose function, you can bring it anywhere you like for the taste of your own homemade cooking. Its removable pan is also easy to clean, keeping your kitchen hygienic and in place.
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