Sweet Cherry SC660 Toredo Carrier

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Suitable from 4 months to 36 months. Comes with 1 shoulder strap carrier and 1 hip seat base. Back-supporting hip seat carrier that distributes weight evenly throughout lower back and shoulders to avoid bone issues on bad posture and fatigue. Removable shoulder strap carrier to allow baby feel comfortable in moving freely and explore the world without feeling enclosed. Secure and simple release system which allow for a quick slip on and immediate release. Multiple sitting positions – Front facing, parent facing, back facing and side facing.

  1. Angel Ho
    5 reviews

    Versatile and sturdy baby carrier

    4 out of 5, reviewed on October 24, 2017

    In preparation to the upcoming UK trip, we have decided to get another carrier given that I have to travel solo with him in a 24 hour flight including transit time.

    This SweetCherry Toredo baby carrier is just what we are looking for. Sturdy, easy to use on my own, freeing my hands to mend my luggage.

    Love the waist support-not another moment of muscle strain and aches! The hipseat is really comfortable for baby Bing. Got it at RM98.

    I can wear baby Bing facing me.
    Facing out.
    Or wear him like a backpack

    You can of course choose other high-end carriers like Ergobaby and babyBjorn. But we think this sweet cherry carrier is functional with great quality despite its much lower price tag.

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