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It’s no secret that grains is one of the most important part of our daily diet to maintain a healthy life. With Shine Wholesome Multigrain Drink, you will be able to get various benefits from 18 types of grains and legumes in one nourishing drink, together with Palatinose isomaltulose, prebiotic isomalto-oligosaccharides (IMO), Nutrirose soluble fibre, milk thistle and lutein. These provide sufficient nutrients for active, healthy lifestyles, replenishing your daily needs, easily and in a delicious way. Shine Wholesome Multigrain Drink supports a low glycemic diet for those with weight conscious, and it is also a heart-healthy drink. It makes an ideal drink anytime, supplying you with fibre, iron, folic acid as well as protein. Shine Wholesome Multigrain Drink helps you to consume five colours of food – green, red, yellow, black and white in the most convenient way possible.

  1. Maawardah Mohamad
    248 reviews

    Minuman pelbagai bijirin berkhasiat

    5 out of 5, reviewed on February 19, 2020

    Minuman bijirin Shine ini memang sedap. Ia mengandungi pelbagai bijirin seperti oat, beras perang, barli dan pelbagai lagi. Minuman ini tidak manis, 100% natural, tidak ditambah perasa dan pewarna tiruan. Minum segelas pada waktu pagi sudah cukup mengenyangkan. Baunya pun wangi hasil dari campuran serbuk bijirin.

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