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BioEcolla: BioEcolla is an α-glucan oligosaccharide obtain by enzymatic synthesis from natural sugar (sucrose and maltose). this provide the protection and biostimulation of natural skin defenses. It offer gentle protective and restoring action for all type of skin and the scalp.

Pure Essential Oil: Formulated combination of essential oils (Mint and Lavender) with a Ecocert InCha Inchi Oil to free hair from every buildup. Leave you softer and smoother hair.

Discover the secret of complete soft hair

  • Artificial color free
  • Mineral Oil free
  • Paraben free
  • Animal origin free
  • SLS/ SLES free

How to Use:

  1. Apply some hair shampoo, massage and wash completely.
  2. Apply some hair conditioner at the hair end. Apply hair below ear, do not apply to scalp. Slowly massage for few minutes.
  3. Rinse your hair with water.


How frequent should i use the hair conditioner?

Depend on your hair condition and how frequent you wash your hair. We suggest:

  • Oil Hair: 1-2 times a week.
  • Dry Hair : 3-4 times a week.
  • Normal Hair: 2-3 times a week.

What is the right way to use Hair Conditioner?

Apply rinse away hair shampoo, apply some Hair Conditioner at the hair end (do not apply to scalp). Slowly massage for few minutes. Rinse your hair with few water with water within 2-3 minutes.


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