San Remo Vermicelli

Product Details

Product details of San Remo Vermicelli 500g – Australia

  • No artificial colourings
  • No flavourings
  • No preservatives

Vermicelli is a delicate but more robust strand than Angel Hair, and best used with cream or simple tomato sauces and great with seafood, especially prawns.

  1. CikSue38
    819 reviews

    My sister's preference

    4 out of 5, reviewed on February 2, 2020

    This vermicelli pasta from San Remo is one of my sister’s favorite. When I drop by her house, she loves to serve us with her prawn vermicelli. Taste good and have a good texture. Not easily broken and nice to chew. She said vermicelli san remo easy to prepare and easy to eat. A pack can serve many.

  2. Niknajwa25
    16 reviews

    San Remo vermicelli-Halus dan senang dimakan

    4 out of 5, reviewed on April 25, 2018

    Kalau teringin makan spaghetti, memang inilah yg jadi pilihan. Memang senang nak kunyah disebabkan tekstur yg lebih halus dari spaghetti biasa. Kalau ada anak-anak kecil memang sesuai sangat untuk menghidangkannya, tak kisahlah nak buat spaghetti carbonara atau Bolognese.

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